Spotlight On: MAC Blackberry

Finish: Matte / Muted burgundy-plum brown

Blackberry is best described as a dark purple, matte shade. This is everything I wanted out of Sketch – it is a LOT easier to blend and much easier to work with than Sketch and gives you similar results. I like it for its versatility and how smoothly the formula molds to the skin. This is one that can be used for everyday in a neutral eye look, as it isn’t too strong for conservative environments. And it’s a lot of fun for evening looks!

Look #1

MAC eyeshadows used:

  • Satellite Dreams (on lid, below crease)
  • Swish (crease)
  • Blackberry (blend SD into Swish)
  • Vanilla (blend)

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Comments & Responses

4 Responses so far.

  1. Kristina says:

    Wow! Thank You!
    I found a colour i need to get! I was already out of ideas for a while :)

  2. Emily Keeling says:

    Hi Zabrena,
    I have grey/green eyes and purple tends to make them look really good, but when I step back and look at myself in the mirror, I realize that many purple shades look hideous against my yellowish skin. Could you list some warmer purples that I could use? I already have sketch but hate how it applies. It’s not the most useful eyeshadow I own! lol

    • Zabrena says:

      Hi Emily!
      Ugh, I hear ya on Sketch – complete nightmare to work with! :(
      Have you tried Nocturnelle? That seems to be one of the more universal purples I’ve worked with.
      There’s also Grape pigment, Fig. 1, Star Violet, Seedy Pearl, Vibrant Grape, Stars ‘N Rockets, Indian Ink – hope some of these help! ;)

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