Top 15 *MUST HAVE* MAC Eyeshadows for Blue / Green Eyes


Recently I received a request from a lovely lady with fair skin and blue eyes asking, “If I were going to MAC to fill up a 15 color palette, what are your absolute, must have 15?”

It can definitely be daunting selecting your first 15 shades! I struggled with that when I was first making my purchasing decisions. Now that I’ve built my collection a bit more, I thought it might be helpful to share my experience with MAC thus far. I’m breaking these lists down by colors and neutrals; the following eyeshadows have done amazingly well with making my blue eyes POP.

This list also works well for green eyes, as mine are a mixture of blue and green depending on which eyeshadows I wear. If you would like more explanation as to which colors will make your eyes stand out, you’re also welcome to see my previous post: How To Pick the Perfect Eyeshadow Color for Your Eyecolor


  • Cranberry
  • Da Bling
  • Expensive Pink / Mythology (dupes of one another)
  • Jest
  • Lucky Green
  • Motif
  • Nocturnelle
  • Paradisco
  • Plum Dressing
  • Red Brick
  • Rule
  • Satellite Dreams (cool complexions)
  • Seedy Pearl
  • Stars ‘N Rockets (warm complexions)
  • Star Violet


  • All That Glitters
  • Amber Lights
  • Antiqued
  • Brown Script
  • Cork
  • Folie
  • Handwritten
  • Malt
  • Mulch
  • Ricepaper
  • Sable
  • Saddle
  • Satin Taupe
  • Swiss Chocolate
  • Woodwinked

Do you have blue/green eyes? Please let me know your favorites colors/neutrals below for making your peepers pop, too! ;)




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  1. Emily says:

    Hey great site :-) can you recommend a 15 pallette of neutrals thNks!!!

  2. Christina says:

    I am just starting my MAC eye shadow collection, and I have a few of these – yay! I will have to check out Mythology. I still want to get brown script and cork. I just bought satin taupe.

    Still loving your blog, btw!

  3. Christina says:

    It IS addictive! :) Can I make a request? I hear about “mulch” a lot – maybe one day you can show us that one?

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I have blue/greengray eyes / blonde hair and cannot find the right combo to make my eyes pop. I have quite a collect of these colors listed for blue/green eyes just can’t find a good combo. What is a good neutral base to go with Swiss Chocolate? What are your favorite combos for any of these colors? I need HELP!!!!

    • Hi Elizabeth!
      Thanks for asking!
      My favorite combo with Swiss Chocolate is Ricepaper on the lid and Swiss Chocolate in the crease.
      You can see it here in Look #3:
      Look #8 would also be amazing for your eyes in this same post. You can see how it makes my blue eyes POP.

      Out of all the colors listed for blue/green eyes in this list, your best bet is to stick with red based eyeshadows or orange based eyeshadows to really make your eyes stand out.
      The combos I adore and recommend are:
      – Expensive Pink on the lid, Cranberry in the crease, Vanilla to blend and highlight
      – Sable on the lid, Cranberry in the crease, Vanilla to blend out
      – Blanc Type on inner half of lid, Tete A Tint on outer half of lid and Brown Script in crease
      – Blanc Type on lid, Cork and Free to Be in crease

      You can find pictures of these on the site by simply entering any one of the shadow names into the search box in the upper right hand portion of the site.
      Hope this helps! :)

  5. Elizabeth says:

    You are amazing! Thank you so much!! I have been so frustrated and can’t wait try these new options! What about a good base color? I have such a wide space between my eye lid and eyebrow. Also- What eyeliner? I am 47 years old and have been trying to tone down my eyeliner underneath my eyes. I know it dates me but I feel naked without out it! I usually use Blacktrack on the top and have been using an Almay liner on the bottom…made for blue eyes. It’s supposed to bring out the color. Sort of a blue/grey. I don’t think it does much. Oh.. and by the way…your eyes are georgous!

    • Aww, thanks! :)
      When you say a good base – do you mean an eyeshadow or actual base?
      Sounds like an eyeshadow – based on your coloring, I’d recommend Vanilla or Blanc Type as the best neutral base colors. Another good one is Cork.
      I hear you on the eyeliner – I love it on the bottom lashes. Have you tried using eyeshadow instead with a flat defining brush? That can soften your look and still help to add color there.
      I don’t ever recommend putting red based eyeshadows on the lower lashline, but Swiss Chocolate, Cork, Handwritten, Mulch are all good ones.
      You could also try a highlighter like Ricepaper (if you decide to get it) on the lower lashline – it does help to brighten the eyes.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t have Cranberry yet so I couldn’t try those combos. Teet-a-tint and Brown Script look too orange on me. Especially with my pink lip. Also- i don’t have rice paper or Blanc to go with Swiss chocolate. Any other combo suggestions for swiss chocolate? Thank you!

    • Hmm, do you happen to have any light pink shades? Something like Da Bling or Expensive Pink are beautiful with Swiss Chocolate and would do a lot for your eye color. Also, if Tete A Tint is too orange, have you tried Arena (it’s a lot lighter)?

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Again… your suggestions are so helpful! No I don’t have any light pink shades. I have tried others and felt like my eyes looked red. Haven’t tried Expensive Pink. I’m heading to the mall in a bit and will check all these out! Thanks again! You are amazing!!!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Hey again! It’s me!! Elizabeth!!! What other suggestions do you have for lining my lower lashes? I’m using Vanilla, Swiss chocolate in crease , and Rice Paper on lid. I tried a few of the other suggestions with the pinks and they made my eyes itch. It’s really weird. I don’t have a problem with Swiss Chocolate but sometimes I think the red dye irritates my eyes in certain shadows! I loved all your sugestions and wish I had more options. also- What could I blend with Swiss Chocolate to make it more dramatic? Thanks again for helping me!!!! Really appreciate it! Hope you’re having a great day!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Oh- I forgot about cork. Using that in the middle and blending the Swiss Chocolate into it.

  10. ela says:

    HiIII find very difficult nice eyeshadows…This time I want something brown.I am natural blonde-brown hair,blue eyes, cool fair skin.I need it for a natural everyday look.I am thinking of shroom or naked lunch and I want a darker for the corners.would mystery or espresso be good?Would you suggest anything else?Thank you…

    • Hi!
      Mystery would be best for your coloring as Espresso has more of a red base that’s better for warm skin tones (in my opinion).
      For the lid, you could try Patina, Retrospeck or Kid.
      With your coloring, stick with blue-based browns instead of red-based browns. Examples of these from MAC include Tempting, Omega, Charcoal Brown, Cork, Handwritten and Brown Down.
      Hope this helps :)

  11. Adelle says:

    Hi, I came across this post when looking for some inspiration for my birthday make-up, I was looking to go for a daytime smokey eye, I have blue eyes and light brown/dark blonde hair. I love mac cosmetics and just wondered what combo’s you go suggest for me to achieve the look I’m going for?

    Thanks Adelle

    • Zabrena says:

      Hi Adelle!
      Welcome to the site! :)
      If you haven’t already, I’d suggest looking through the ‘MAC Eyeshadow Directory’ at the top of the page for some inspirational photos of combination ideas. Based on your coloring, I’d recommend looking at the posts for the following: Mythology, Jest, Arena, Patina, Mulch, Free to Be, Cranberry and Paradisco.
      That should get you started on the right track! :D

  12. Bop says:

    Will you consider doing a similar one for those with dark brown eyes?

  13. Annie says:

    Hi. Luv ur advice. I have medium brown hair and blue/grey eyes with very fair complexion (slight yellow undertone). I would soo appreciate any advice you can offer on best MAC eyeshadows for me. I’m 45 but have good skin, not many eye wrinkles :-) but big eyes with space between lid & brows. I’ve been told maybe paint pots in something like rubenesque could be good for all over lid but have also been advised on all that glitters & woodwind – HELP!!! Thank you Annie xx

  14. Donna Campanaro says:

    Just reading through these now. I would never have looked at Da Bling and Swiss Chocolate and paired them together. Going to have to try it. Also, I am looking at getting Vanilla b/c I see you have it for blending on so many. I have yet to actually go to the store and see it in person, but I have shroom and naked lunch. Are either of those similar to Vanilla?

    • My Eyeshadow Consultant says:

      Hi Donna!
      Love Vanilla! It’s more of a matte finish compared to Shroom’s shimmery formula and Naked Lunch is a peachy tan compared to Vanilla’s off white coloring. It matches my skin color perfectly and makes for seamless transitions to the brow bone – if you have fair skin (sounds like you do!) it’s a definite must have! It won’t work with blending out brown shades like Cork, Kid, Bronze, etc. though; for those I use Blanc Type as it leans more brown. Vanilla turns them into a muddy mess for some reason, but Vanilla is GREAT for blending out pinks, most purples, greens, etc. :D Hope that helps!

  15. Paula Kemp says:

    I have just joined the membership and this list is brilliant! I can’t wait to get buying :)

  16. Andrea says:

    Hi Zabrena,
    Just discovered your site and subscribed to your youtube channel…a beauty with brains and personality is something special not to be missed, thanks for all the wonderful inspiration! I have one question please. Not sure why you’d make recommendations for green/blue eyes available to all, but not do the same for other eye colors? It just seems that content should either be accessible to all, or to none–but not just to those with blue eyes? I have brown eyes…feeling sadly left out when I found your post of recommended shades. Please consider updating?

  17. Amy Beck says:

    Could you do a list of 15 colors and a list of 15 neutrals from Urban Decay?

  18. Lena Hallberg says:


    Just found this list and guess what? They really match my shoppinglist I have in my purse! Two questions:

    Since Tete a tint, Brown Script and Saddle are no longer available, I wonder what I can by instead. Texture?

    Also, what dark brown do you recommend to Satin Taupe. I’d like a cooler alternativ. Mystery or Brun? I already have Brown Down and Embark.

    Many thanks!

    • Zabrena says:

      Hi Lena!
      Agh, I’ll need to update this as MAC has been on a discontinuing spree! :(
      Texture would be a great one!
      In the answer to your dark brown question, I prefer Mystery over Brun, I find it easier to work with. Hope that helps! ;)

  19. Chase Howard says:

    I use Handwritten and Cranberry together and they make my blue eyes stand out loads!

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