Spotlight On: MAC Shimmermoss

Finish: Veluxe Pearl / Sea foam green with silver

Known Dupes: Steamy, Waternymph, UD Shattered

Shimmermoss is a blue-green shade with a high level of pigmentation. If you compare it with Steamy, the two are nearly identical, but Shimmermoss has just a little bit more blue than green. For inspiration, you could also use many of the same combinations with Shimmermoss that were done for Steamy. I like to wear this with pinks and purples for that “wow” factor, but I also find it works well with browns and grays.

Look #1

MAC eyeshadows used:

  • Electra (inner 1/2 of lid)
  • Shimmermoss (outer 1/2 of lid)
  • Vanilla (blend)


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  1. Liliana says:

    I absolutely love Shimmermoss, especially when it’s paired with Knight Divine, as in Look 3. However, I cannot find Shimmermoss on MAC’s website and am concerned that it is being discontinued. Any reccommendations for a Shimmermoss dupe?

  2. Kat Edge says:

    I loooove shimmermoss!! I have it as a pigment so it is soooooo super bright!! Knight Divine looks amazing with it. I might try that same look but with Flashtrack. What do you think? :)

  3. Donna Martino says:

    I am desperately looking for this color :) I just had a layover in Guam and they had it on display at the MAC counter at the duty free shop, but they were out of stock. I was heartbroken. Do you know where I can find this??? Thanks for all you do!

  4. Hot Strawberry says:

    I just got my hands on this color. It is available from Brigette’s Boutique, Beautiful color! I have Steamy as well, but this one is just different enough for me to feel it’s worth having. Pretty, pretty, pretty!! :-)

    • Zabrena says:

      Don’t mean to burst your bubble, but I think you might’ve gotten a fraud.
      I just went on the website and looked at the shades being offered; a good number of them, including Shimmermoss, don’t equal the true color.
      For example, Bold and Brazen is pictured as a deep brown, but it’s actually a light pink, very comparable to Expensive Pink. Same goes with Pink Freeze; that one looks like Beautiful Iris on the site but it’s actually a light, barely there pink. Just wanted you to be aware; Shimmermoss should be almost exactly like Steamy but with a little bit more green and MUCH more pigmented. ;)

      • Hot Strawberry says:

        I got this one through Amazon, BB as the seller. It is as you described, close to Steamy but bright and pigmented and slightly greener. I was skeptical ordering from BB, but I compared the packaging to my other shadows purchased through MAC and swatched it with Steamy. It appears to be the real deal. But thanks for the advisement. I know there are frauds out there.

      • Hot Strawberry says:

        I sent you a message with some further detail, so any further info you may have would be great. Thanks.

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