My Favorite Red Cherry False Eyelashes!

Many of you know I just LOVE false eyelashes! And a very popular question I receive is:

“Which Red Cherry false eyelashes are your favorites?”

There are certain numbers I find myself ordering over and over again and I’ve experimented with a LOT of numbers throughout Red Cherry’s line of lashes. Some were okay, some were very flimsy. It took me a while to find the ones that truly made me swoon. And if you were to take a peek inside my false eyelash box, you would see the following numbers ALWAYS in stock:

  • #82 – a natural false eyelash, great for everyday wear, very robust quality
  • #43 – slightly more dramatic, but great for everyday wear
  • #38 – a mixture of drama and natural
  • #747L – typically my “go-to” eyelash for everyday; women who see me wearing these always remark on how beautiful my eyelashes are and are stunned when they find out they’re fake!
  • #47 – a more dramatic false eyelash, great for evenings
  • #138 – very dramatic, slightly longer than #47; ideal for evenings and special occasions

If you’d like to see how these numbers look on the eyes, I invite you to view the below video :)

And if you’re interested in buying Red Cherry false eyelashes, I buy mine from this website for $2.00 a pair; very inexpensive for the quality!

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  1. Mariella says:

    You are SO funny! I would care about makeup if I were on a desert island…heck, what else would there be to do, except look for food and water, build a shelter and wait for rescue! If Tom Hanks could have his basket ball, I (and you) could have our makeup! That question about “what movie would you take to a desert island” always slays me – wouldn’t you need a DVD player AND electricity to watch it? Makeup is SO much easier!

    • iluvMACmakeup100 says:

      Don’t feel bad Z, I’d SO take lipstick/gloss…….. Got to took good for the sailors rescuing you right? Angi x

    • My Eyeshadow Consultant says:

      Well, when you say it like that you make a good case there, Mariella! Haha! :)
      You’re right! Makeup is TEN times easier! LOL!

    • Gnelle says:

      This vitamin c site is a totall scam. Buyers BEWARE!!!!!! I just got scammed this past week. They took my money refunded it. And took it again.

      • Zabrena says:

        I’m sorry to hear this happened to you. Have you tried contacting them to see what the issue is? Or asking for a tracking number?
        I’ve been ordering from her for several years now and many others here have ordered from her as well and haven’t heard of anything like this.

  2. Jess says:

    What do you think about the DW and WSP? They are very popular, but you didn’t mention them…just being curious. I loved the video, finally a red cherry review with actual “swatches” as you show how they look on and not only from the box.

    • My Eyeshadow Consultant says:

      Those are also great ones! :)
      I actually love a LOT of Red Cherry’s false eyelashes, but really only focused on the numbers I am constantly ordering over and over again in the video. :)
      Thanks for asking and I’m glad you enjoyed the ‘swatches’ Haha! :)

  3. Lisa says:

    I am so exited to place my order! Thanks so much Z for taking the time to show us your faves!

  4. thelastmile says:

    Z–I also love Sephora’s “flair lashes,” which is a full strip lash but gives a more dramatic cateye effect–but I am looking for a less heavy lash. I use the 747M or S as an everyday lash and appreciate the light weight. I love the drama of the Flair and just wonder if you have a suggestion of a similar one that is light weight in the Red Cherry line? Thanks in advance, if you can advise.

    • My Eyeshadow Consultant says:

      I had to look those up to see which you were talking about (Sephora) – just lovely!
      I completely get the light lash preference; I prefer them on an everyday basis too.
      I think Red Cherry #99, 213, 110, 412 and 113 would be right up your alley.
      I’ve been hooked on #213s lately; they’re shorter than I normally wear, but VERY natural looking . . . and light!
      Hope that helps! :)

  5. Janet says:

    All eyelashes on her looked really nice because she has big eyes.
    I went ordered them online all of those that are pictured here on the clip. I even found her favourite pairs 747L but they are not suitable for me. Pity, they looked so natural on her.
    Being Asian, I guess my eyes are much smaller and shorter so I found number 15 and 47 are best for me.
    I gave away my other ones. I bought 44 pairs in total and they gave me 2 pairs for free.
    I love false eyelashes.
    My friends here in Australia said that these eyelashes look so natural being real human hair.
    Thanks for sharing your experience with them to us all.

  6. larisa says:

    Thanks for your post, I really enjoyed it. I’m surprised how cheap you get them there – only 2 $ – cause here, in Greece, they cost 7 euros – wich means a bit more than 9 $ – and the Ardell eyelashes cost 8 euros. Lucky girls :*

  7. chantell clarke says:

    what lashes have you currently got on throughout this video #82 ?

  8. Liza says:

    I was just curious about what color you’re wearing on your lips in this video. As a fellow redhead (though I’m more auburn) I’ve been looking for one that is “redhead/pale friendly”. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks!

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