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Spotlight On: MAC Juxt

Finish: Satin / Bright green with gold pearl Juxt is a light green shade with a decent amount of pigmentation. There are some people who feel this color isn’t as bright as it appears in the pan, but the key is to use a really good base before applying to bring out its intensity. This color adds a bright pop of color and is ideal when used to accent certain areas of the eye, especially the inner half of the […]

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Spotlight On: MAC Rule

Finish: Matte / Vivid orange I just recently started experimenting with different colors and came to find that I actually quite enjoy orange as an eyeshadow color – and especially the oranges MAC puts out. Rule is a darker orange and although many people have said it isn’t really meant to be an all over eye color, I have to disagree in some instances. This is a versatile shade and if done right, it makes for a dramatic, bright and […]

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Spotlight On: MAC Expensive Pink

Finish: Veluxe Pearl / Pink with duochrome Known Dupes: Bold & Brazen MAC’s Expensive Pink is an interesting eyeshadow and definitely in a class all its own. While it is described as a pink, this duochrome formula takes on different colors depending on what light you’re in and which shadows you pair it with. Naturally, this makes it the ideal companion for most brown shades, purples and even golds. This blends very well and doesn’t require a lot of “packing […]

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Spotlight On: MAC Mythology

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Finish: Lustre / Copper This copper-pink shade makes for a beautiful contrast to blue and green eyes – this would also work very well for other eye colors. There is a small amount of fall out associated with this shade, but if you’re careful to pack your brush well and dab it onto your eyelids, it helps to eliminate much of the fallout. Mythology and Expensive Pink are very similar in the way they look on the lid, but I […]

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Spotlight On: MAC Cranberry

Finish: Frost / Red plum with pink shimmer Known Dupes: Sweet Chestnut, Heritage Rouge pigment, NYX Rust Cranberry is absolutely one of my top favorites from all of MAC’s eyeshadows. This is one of the few I have already hit the pan on and will be repurchasing again and again. This is such a beautiful, versatile shade that is perfect for giving you that ‘pop’ of color. Pigmentation is high and blendability is superior. This is especially great for making […]

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