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Spotlight On: MAC Vex

Finish: Frost / Beige with pink-green pearl Vex is a light green shade with a duochrome formula, so it takes on pink and purple in addition to green. It’s ideal for pairing with other greens, pinks, purples and browns. The first Vex I had was swapped away as I personally did not find this color appealing. I bought another one to put together better combos for you, but unfortunately I still feel the same way about it. It is a […]

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Spotlight On: MAC Trax

Finish: Velvet / Burgundy-plum with shimmer Trax is a medium purple shade with specs of gold glitter throughout the formula. It takes a little bit of time and patience to build it to the true color it is, but it’s worth it in the end. Based on my time spent with Trax, I like using it most in the crease. I feel it loses some of the effect when used all over the lid or in the outer v, plus […]

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Spotlight On: MAC Mulch

Finish: Velvet / Red-brown with bronze pearl Known Dupes: Botanical, Carbonized Mulch is neutral shade that has a red base upon close inspection. This is a must-have for any lady’s eyeshadow arsenal, no matter your eye color. Like Swiss Chocolate, Mulch pairs well with nearly every other eyeshadow color in MAC’s collection. Its red base looks especially great when used with pinks and can be used to warm up any look. Look #1 – the reverse of this is also […]

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Spotlight On: MAC Greensmoke

Finish: Lustre / Tarnished olive Known dupes: Fiction Greensmoke is the perfect name for this shade. When first looking at it in the pan, it looks like a dirty dark green with a subtle amount of glitter. Applied to the lid, it translates into much of the same although you lose a little bit of the green, in my opinion. On me, it turns into a dark smoky gray almost with a hint of glitter. However, if you pair it […]

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Spotlight On: MAC Juxt

Finish: Satin / Bright green with gold pearl Juxt is a light green shade with a decent amount of pigmentation. There are some people who feel this color isn’t as bright as it appears in the pan, but the key is to use a really good base before applying to bring out its intensity. This color adds a bright pop of color and is ideal when used to accent certain areas of the eye, especially the inner half of the […]

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Spotlight On: MAC Steamy

Finish: Frost / Bluish-green with gold pearl Known Dupes: Shimmermoss, UD Shattered Steamy is a teal-green shade with high pigmentation due to the Frost formula. To get the most out of this color, I highly recommend using a primer on the lid before application (I use Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance); otherwise, the full effect of this color will not appear. When I did the swatch on my hand for this post, I couldn’t get it to show up on its […]

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Spotlight On: MAC Club

Finish: Satin / Red brown with green pearl Club is a unique color with what appears to be a green base, but upon close inspection reveals more brown tones underneath. This shade provides drama for your evening looks and subtle pop of color for more of your daytime looks. To be honest, this color scared me (as I’m sure it has others) and prolonged the amount of time it took me to actually go out and get it. After conjuring […]

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Spotlight On: MAC Cranberry

Finish: Frost / Red plum with pink shimmer Known Dupes: Sweet Chestnut, Heritage Rouge pigment, NYX Rust Cranberry is absolutely one of my top favorites from all of MAC’s eyeshadows. This is one of the few I have already hit the pan on and will be repurchasing again and again. This is such a beautiful, versatile shade that is perfect for giving you that ‘pop’ of color. Pigmentation is high and blendability is superior. This is especially great for making […]

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