Eliminate Excess Eyeshadow Fallout

You’ve finished applying your eyeshadow and stand back to admire all your hard work and notice the fallout that has occurred – all over your face. Agh! Instant frustration!

Dark, smoky eyes are a fun look to create, but they can prove to be quite messy and can ruin the rest of your face by the time you’re finished.

I have learned to not only do my eyes first in my makeup routine (and apply foundation or mineral makeup afterwards), but also to apply a slightly thick amount of translucent, loose powder below the eyes, from the edge of the nose to the outer edges of the eyes. This will help to catch the fallout and can easily be swept away after you’re finished with your eyes. The powder will also help to brighten your eyes and fade any dark spots that may be lurking!



6 thoughts on “Eliminate Excess Eyeshadow Fallout

  1. 2 other neat “fall-out fixes” – one is to use a Post-it note, trimmed to a slight curve, UNDER your eye like a little shield to protect against fallout. The Post-its aren’t so sticky that they will pull the delicate skin under your eye. Also, if you encounter fallout of glitter especially, a “loop” of Scotch tape (tap it on the back of your hand a few times to make it a bit less sticky/less likely to pull) rolled over your under-eye area/cheekbones will lift the glitter without messing up the rest of your makeup.

  2. Another way to get rid of eyeshadow fallout is to use Shadow Shields. My hands tend to be unsteady during eyeshadow application so without this tool, I tend to end up with fallout on my cheeks and undereye area. This is quite a useful tool for me.

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