Womens Razors vs. Mens Razors

Has anyone else noticed how much better mens razors are?

In a pinch a few years back I borrowed my husband’s razor for my legs during a vacation. I was surprised how easily his razor performed compared to my ‘womens’ one back home. I walked away with NO cuts, no razor bumps and NO irritation.

That got me thinking – are mens razors higher quality? You would think so because there are more curves to a man’s face. Whoever made womens razors forgot how many curves there are on our legs!

Anyway, after that, I was sold! Now I go for the mens razors – usually the discards from hubbie though … they aren’t as sharp as the new ones and work wonderfully!



4 thoughts on “Womens Razors vs. Mens Razors

  1. Yes I totally agree! I have twin boys who turned 18 and they each got a free Gilette Fusion Proglide in the mail. I took one for myself and it worked better than any women’s razor I’ve bought over the years! I dont care if it is t pink…lol. I’m sticking with men’s razors from here on out!

    1. LOL! Isn’t that funny?!
      I’ve always wondered if it had something to do with men having the rougher, more robust hair as to why their razors work better.
      The makers of our razors need to get it together! LOL! 😉

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