Spotlight On: MAC Sushi Flower

Finish: Satin / Pinky-coral with pink shimmer

Known Dupes: Free to Be

Sushi Flower is a vibrant pink shade comparable to Free to Be. I personally prefer Free to Be in my everyday routine, but there are some neutral ways to wear Sushi Flower in your more conservative looks. What I don’t like about Sushi Flower is its consistency; I find it hard to work with when used on the lid, which is why I prefer to place it in the crease. It does blend out nicely with Vanilla, so I can’t fault it there. Overall, a nice color but Sushi Flower is not usually the pink I end up reaching for when I want pink in my look.

Look #1

MAC eyeshadows used:

  • Tempting (on lid, below crease)
  • Sushi Flower (crease)
  • Orb (blend)


11 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Sushi Flower

  1. Hi! I have seconds thought about buying this shadow, but after looking at you blog! No doubts at all!!! I just love you blog! And I love MAC, so I added you as favorite. Sorry my english…I’m from Brazil!! Brazilian kisses 4 u!!!

  2. I just love Look #7. What color MAC lipstick and blush do you think would look good on a 39 old with very fair skin, blue eyes, with light ash blond hair. I just started using MAC so any help would be great. Thank you for the outstanding website.

    1. Hi! Thanks!
      I would recommend Tenderling blush – it’s a light pinky tan color and looks very natural on fair skin.
      For lipstick, there are a variety of colors that look great on your coloring – for nudes, try Honeylove, Creme d’Nude and Blankety – for one with subtle color, try Shy Girl (peachy color).
      Feel free to look at the category on my blog entitled “MAC Lipstick Reviews” for images of how these look on the lips.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  3. Hi 🙂
    I just found my way to your blog 🙂 I definitely need to follow you 🙂
    I am rather new to MAC cosmetics 🙂
    I live in Finland, in a city on the western coast called Vasa. We don´t have a MAC Cosmetics store here.. the closest one is in Turku which lies about 8 hours (there and back) away from Vasa. Thats why I haven´t owned anything from MAC until summer 2011. Me and my fiancé went on a road trip to one of my aunts and we went through Turku. I bought Satin Taupe, Swish and Paradisco. There are a few more eyeshadows I really want from MAC but since I don´t have a store near me its not something that Im crazy over 🙂 I do love Satin Taupe more than anything and its the shadow Ive used the most from the ones Ive bought 🙂
    I will definitely buy more shadows from MAC when I can and this site is amazing when I want to see what to buy cause I can´t afford to buy many things at once cause things over here are REALLY expensive :/
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Hi there!
      Welcome to you! 🙂
      I’m so happy you’ve found the blog!
      Eeegads! 8 hours to a MAC store! Wow!

      My hope is to save women just like you from unnecessary expenditures in finding your favorite eyeshadows from MAC.
      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement!
      Hugs back! 😉

  4. which pink suits indian skin tone .im nc42 small hooded eyes. already have da bling and expensive pink . as u earlier suggested I bought patina woodwinked and cranberry .now looking for a pink to add to my collection.
    thanks 🙂

  5. In look 6, does Fig1 blended into Sushi Flower make that into Cranberry? Or do I use the color Cranberry and the your direction regarding Fig 1 and SF?

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