Spotlight On: MAC Satin Taupe

Finish: Frost / Taupe with silver shimmer

Known Dupes: UD Hustle

Satin Taupe is a stunning color best described as a warm gray. I have heard from others this shadow is uncooperative with cooler, more yellow skin tones (Patina is a better alternative for you, ladies :)). It has endless possibilities and functions well with MAC’s vibrant colors, or their extensive array of browns. The blendability is superior and it adds a lot of drama when used as an ‘all over lid’ look. Do try this one!

Look #1

MAC eyeshadows used:

  • Satin Taupe (inner half of lid)
  • Smut (outer half of lid)
  • Cranberry (crease)
  • Blanc Type (blend)


15 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Satin Taupe

  1. I am loving now how well it turns out with the purples/pinkish tones. As I also have Sketch and Star Violet, you have given me a lot of ideas.
    BTW don’t you think it looks a kinda weird with the golden/green colours?

    XXX and thanks again for your blog!

  2. I pick up Satin Taupe yesterday, wore it today with Nocturnelle. This combo is my hubby’s new fav! Thanks for the idea

  3. oooooohhhh just did look 10-awesome. I don’t have shadowy lady but used the makeup geek dupe for Indian ink and came out perfect! trying to pick a lippie for this look.

  4. It’s funny how shadows can be almost different colors depending on one’s skin tone.

    I was trying to organize my shadows and was using your classifications to put them under color categories. It never really made an impressing on me where you put Satin Taupe, but tonight, I was thinking “black/grey?” But yeah, I can see it on your eye in these pictures. However, when I wear it, even swatched on my hand, it pulls purple.

    It’s one of my favourite shades. 🙂

  5. I loooove this shade! I usually put ST all over the lid with Brun on the outer 3rd and Wedge in the crease. Then I love to use Nylon as an highligher in the very inner corner of the eye. This is one of my very favorite combos! But I still have to try pairing ST with purples. These combos look gorgeous on you!

  6. Hey! Do you know any dupes for Tissueweight (since it was LE)? Also, I don’t have Malt or Era, but I have a million other shadows! Are there any that would be close enough to use in place of those?

    Thanks for your help! I love ST and all the looks you’ve created!

    1. Hi Lyndsey! Sure! Tissueweight’s dupe is Jest, very similar in color and effect. Malt or Era can be substituted with any medium neutral brown you may have. If you have LORAC’s Pro 2 palette, there’s a pinky neutral in there that would sub nicely for Malt, but really any medium brown would work well in either of their place. 😉 So glad you’re enjoying the looks!

  7. Hey Z! I have tried this really pretty look with Satin Taupe today and it is really pretty and really easy to achieve. I used MUG peach smoothie all over my crease, then MAC Texture to define the crease, Satin Taupe all over my lid, and MUG Sensuous on the outer half into the our v (any dark purple). I really liked this.

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