Spotlight On: MAC Expensive Pink

Finish: Veluxe Pearl / Pink with duochrome

Known Dupes: Bold & Brazen

MAC’s Expensive Pink is an interesting eyeshadow and definitely in a class all its own. While it is described as a pink, this duochrome formula takes on different colors depending on what light you’re in and which shadows you pair it with. Naturally, this makes it the ideal companion for most brown shades, purples and even golds. This blends very well and doesn’t require a lot of “packing it on” like with other pink eyeshadows.


17 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Expensive Pink

  1. Another great combo is:

    amber lights (inner half of the lid and inner half lower lash line)
    expensive pink (outer half of lid)
    swiss chocolate (crease)
    rice paper (blend and highlight)

  2. If I can choose only one color to pair with Cranberry, would you recommend Expensive Pink or Arena? (I plan to use Cranberry as the crease color)

  3. New to this site, just wanted to tell you all the way from Denmark in Europe how great this is – a big help to be guided with this “show and tell”. 🙂

    Thanks a million.

  4. Hi Z,

    Thanks for your Fuschia/ Grape recipe lol. Have you tried MUG Cosmopolitan? Do you think that’s a dupe, like the MUG site says, that I wouldn’t need to buy Expensive Pink. I’m on the fence. Seeing all your looks is making me think its similar to Mythology also. Thoughts??
    Also what do you think about Bitten and is there a dupe on that one? Wanting Cranberry and possibly Deep Damson, but why get one of them if they are similar to Bitten.

    1. Haha, you’re welcome! 🙂
      YES! Cosmopolitan is close enough to EP that I don’t feel like you need both; I actually like Cosmo a little bit more if you can believe it. The only thing missing between the too is EP’s duochrome finish, but sometimes I don’t really care for that. Now, Mythology is a little more vibrant compared to Cosmo, but the colors are similar

      Bitten doesn’t have an identical dupe, unfortunately. It’s similar to Cranberry in that it’s a deep wine shade, but Cranberry is so unique on its own, it’s worth getting. It has a much more beautiful finish compared to Bitten, in my opinion. Deep Damson is much more pigmented than Bitten and a deeper red-plum. Hope some of this helps! 🙂

  5. You’ve helped a ton, thanks! For some reason I was feeling as if I was missing out on something by not having EP, especially since Cosmo is one of my favs. I think I’m going to MAC tomorrow so I’ll most likely pick up cranberry and a bunch more. 😀

  6. Maybe I’m stuck in the 2000’s (too soon for a Historically Accurate feature? LOL!), but I’ve been trying to find a combo that mimics the Desperate Housewives Susan/Bree autumn tone eye look. EP reads very warm/salmon in these looks and could be a great candidate (though in some images it looks like a dupe for girlie). Any ideas on how to achieve this?

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