Spotlight On: MAC Woodwinked

Finish: Veluxe Pearl / Warm antique gold

Known Dupes: UD Half Baked

Woodwinked is a gorgeous color and has quickly become one of my favorites! It is similar to Amber Lights in color and consistency, but Woodwinked is slightly more muted than Amber Lights, with less orange; it’s more of a true gold color and the more neutral of the two. If you find Amber Lights to be too strong, or too orange, I would definitely recommend trying this. Woodwinked is the perfect accent for every eye color and is a MUST HAVE for your neutral palette.


31 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Woodwinked

  1. I love love love your website and all your incredible work! This really helps me to pick up the right shades and gives me inspiration to work with them!
    I am looking forward to every new entry!

    1. I know what you mean; while it does have some orange in the formula, it could be contributed to your skin tone. There are some ladies I have applied it to with yellow undertones that have this happen.

      1. I have a fair skin tone and woodwinked looks like a very dirty brown on my eyes, whereas in these photos it looks almost bright gold. I used a touch of gorgeous gold in the middle just to brighten it up. I’ll probably have to stick with naked lunch and other neutrals in the inner half and save woodwinked for a crease or outer corner shade.

  2. ****** update on Woodwinked:

    just thought I’d let anyone know who struggles with Woodwinked(or any color you don’t want to go orange on you),use Paint Pot in Painterly 1st and Woodwinked will stay a true gold color..hth..

  3. I just came back to this page..lovely! I was wondering if you think woodwinked is worth the money, or if there are easy dupes for it. thanks! xx

    1. Hmm, good question. Well, last I was in the store I did pass by Milani and noticed their version of Golden Bronze was very similar to it, but I still like Woodwinked better.
      I’d have to say ‘yes’ – it’s definitely worth the money as it’s one of those neutrals I feel every girl should start out with in her collection. 🙂

  4. I love your site! I just got some MAC shadows- just starting out with applying eyeshadows beyond using a single color. This site has given me some courage to try out different color combinations and get me out of my eyeshadow comfort zone! I love woodwinked and cork- definitely my favorites right now.

    1. That is awesome, Tara! I’m so happy to hear this site has helped you! You know, that’s the reason I started this blog. There are so many makeup sites out there with wild and crazy, complex looks, but hardly any with simple, everyday looks that help those beginning and those at advanced levels. I’m hoping this blog will do both. 🙂 Cork and Woodwinked are my favorite neutrals too!

  5. i’m wearing this right now with contrast in the crease and blanc type to blend and highlight. this color is amazing! the only thing is that it’s so soft and creamy, and while i wish more mac shadows were this smooth, it broke on me and the crumbles smeared EVERYWHERE. but i patched it up with some rubbing alcohol. i just can’t let it go! lol it’s one of the best quality shadows they make

  6. I am fairly new to MAC Eyeshadows, but I quickly became obsessed(Many thanks to my husband who doesn’t mind my expensive addiction lol), and I have to say that I am MADLY IN LOVE with Woodwinked. I absolutely love wearing it with Rule or Sushi Flower. I get soooo many compliments with both combinations.
    Thank you for inspiring my to branch out with so many bright and vibrant colors and combinations!

    Woodwinked is an absolute MUST HAVE!!!

  7. I love this colour but really struggle to wear it. All of your combos are too dark for me. I love ur combo of jest and patina as an example of what I would wear. Any ideas on how I could wear this gorgeous colour?

    1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


      Hi Kim!
      You could try a lighter combo like Expensive Pink on the lid with Woodwinked in the crease or if Expensive Pink is a little more color than you’d like, you could also try Jest on the lid with Woodwinked lightly in the crease! 🙂

  8. I have a love affair with Woodwinked. I never thought of pairing it with a purple. My favorite way to pair Woodwink is with Red Brick and Sumptuous Olive or Humid.

    1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


      Ouu, those sound divine – I need to add a combo with it using Humid; it is gorgeous when paired up with it, you’re right!

          1. Woodwinked is an amazing color for my dark brown eyes. I never knew I had specks of gold in my eyes until I put woodwinked on my eyes. : )

  9. Super excited to try look 10 tomorrow but I wonder what it would look like with a red base? I’m gonna try and it’s only makeup it comes right off if I don’t likie the look.

    1. Ha! YES! That is probably the main reason why I could never convince myself to get a tattoo (detest permanency on my body!) LOL!
      How’d it go with the red base?!

      1. I tried the red base on the inner half of lid(below crease)under woodwinked, Loved It, on one eye then on the other eye tried red base on entire lid below the crease, that was too much. Made my eyes look evil. Needless to say I will definately be wearing this again.

          1. Today I did this look again but this time I foiled red brick under woodwinked, not to shabby but I like the base better because I can pack it on or shear it out for a slight sunsettie, lol, feel.

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