Spotlight On: MAC Da Bling

Finish: Veluxe Pearl / Pink with gold pearl

Known Dupes: Rose, Apricot Pink pigment

In my opinion, this is the ideal pink shade (and one of my favorites!) with a lot of pigmentation and versatility. I love it because it’s easy to build and can provide a small pop of color in any look. As with Steamy, I highly recommend a good primer with this one as it doesn’t show up very well on its own. Da Bling doesn’t have a shimmer or matte consistency; it more or less falls in between the two. If you find this doesn’t work well on your eyes, try using on your lips with a clear gloss or on your cheeks as a blush.


5 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Da Bling

    1. Thanks! I love that one too! Blackberry is permanent for now – no telling which shades MAC will think to discontinue next though. Hopefully not Blackberry!

  1. In my rescent pigment sample haul I got Apricot Pink pigment from thebeautysampler. I love that site. I think I even heard about that site from one of your youtube videos.

  2. For look # 18, I substituted soba and Era ( not together) and both looks came out very gray, taupe-ish. Still pretty.

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