Spotlight On: MAC Swiss Chocolate

Finish: Matte / Muted reddish brown

Swiss Chocolate is one of the most versatile brown shades in MAC’s collection and pairs easily with any other eyeshadow. If you have a particularly bright shade you’re having trouble wearing, try pairing it up with Swiss Chocolate; it’s a great neutralizing shade. The best shades to blend out Swiss Chocolate are ones like Brule, Bisque or Blanc Type; if you use something like Vanilla, it muddies the look for some reason. If you have more mature eyelids, the matte formula in Swiss Chocolate will be an instant turn-on! Also, if you have darker eyebrows, try using this as a brow filler as well.


25 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Swiss Chocolate

  1. Hey Zabrena! Love your posts! I have Handwritten and I was wondering if its similar/ interchangeable with Swiss Chocolate! Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Diana!
      Hmmm, Mulch gives a slightly different effect from Swiss Chocolate.
      SC is more of a true, milk chocolate type brown than Mulch; Mulch has more red and purple undertones to it.
      You definitely could forego one or the other; I don’t really think you need to have both. 🙂

  2. I had asked for swiss chocolate as a gift from my husband, but when he went they didn’t have it so they gave him brown script instead. Are those two similar??

    1. Hi Donna!
      Thanks for asking!
      No, they’re not; in fact I’m a little perturbed to hear that a MAC SA took advantage of your husband like that.
      Instead of just saying they didn’t have it, they sell him something else that is not a dupe. Ugh . . . just my personal beef with MAC SAs – if you don’t go in prepared, they try to take advantage at every turn. 🙁

      Both Swiss Chocolate and Brown Sript are considered medium browns, however Brown Script is MUCH more red, almost terracotta compared to Swiss Chocolate. The effects vary greatly from these two. Swiss Chocolate is red based but is much more of a true brown and is VERY versatile.
      Hope that helps!

      1. OMG, that helps a TON!!! thank you for the fast reply!! And I will be returning it tomorrow then and not even bother trying to make it work!! Just found this site and it’s great!!

  3. Hey! I’m just curious if Swiss chocolate would be a good smoking out color with all that glitters all over the lid, and what would be a good blending color? I have fair skin and brown eyes. I’m kind of new to the Mac eye shadows. Any suggestions would be great:)Thank you!

    1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


      Hi Carrie!
      I personally find Swiss Chocolate hard to work with when used in the crease, in terms of being able to blend it out anyway.
      It DOES help if you apply it to the crease with a fluffy brush like MAC’s 222, 217 or Sigma’s E45.
      The best color to blend it out would be something like Bisque or Blanc Type.
      Hope that helps a little! 🙂

  4. Z,
    If I have Folie, do I really need Swiss Chocolate? I am trying to be good & not buy makeup. I have searched the entire Internet(no really, not being overly dramatic…or scarcastic) and can’t find a dupe for Swiss in any brand. Thanks.

    P.S. I found your skin care video & I can’t wait to buy Eucerin daily protection. Your skin is beautiful!

    1. Hiya!
      It is an extremely hard one to dupe because it’s one of a kind both in color and texture, that’s for sure.
      If you’re looking for the perfect matte neutral and you don’t already have a real great brown like this, I’d say it’s worth getting. Folie leans more purple in my opinion whereas S.C. is more of your true brown, but definitely has a red base. S.C. will be in this month’s sitewide update too, if you want to see more looks with it before purchasing 😉

    1. Absolutely! This was one I wanted to get to this weekend, but ran out of time. I’ll try to get some more looks up with it this week to bulk up the post some more 😉

  5. I have just got this E/S and I looooooovvvvvvveeeeee it! It blends so well and really makes blue eye’s pop, I have had so many comments since getting it!

  6. I was playing with eyeshadow earlier today (as I so love to do 🙂 )and discovered a new look with Swiss Chocolate and loved it! I put Blue Brown pigment on my entire lid, Swiss Chocolate in the crease, Steamy in the inner corner, and blended with a flesh tone color. Swiss Chocolate blends sooo nicely with Blue Brown pigment and also looks great on my brown eyes! 🙂

  7. I LOVE the look with ablaze. That was actually my first mac shadow I bought. I would love to see more with it!

  8. Great website! Am loving it!! Very happy to join.
    Look #9 is beautiful – I also tried something similar –
    Ricepaper inner 1/3 of the lid, a gold shimmery eyeshadow from the Rihana palette on the middle of the lid, then Swisschocolate in the outer third, Girlie in the crease and yogurt/ricepaper/blanc type to blend.

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