Spotlight On: MAC Brown Script

Finish: Matte2 / Warm chestnut brown

Brown Script is best described as a rich, terracotta brown with more of a red base. Its matte formula applies well, blends easily and functions superbly in conservative or dramatic eyeshadow looks. This color is very pigmented so don’t use too much when applying; you can always add more, but it can prove to be difficult to blend it out when you’ve applied too much! 🙂

Look #1

MAC eyeshadows used:

  • Grand Entrance LE (inner half of lid) – could also use ‘All That Glitters’ here
  • Corduroy (outer half of lid and lower lashline)
  • Brown Script (crease)
  • Blanc Type (blend)


7 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Brown Script

  1. These looks are flawless do you photo shop your photos? I was really disappointed when someone on you tube showed how she photo shopped her eye looks as they were unattainable results.

    1. Hi Kim!
      Yes, I do use PhotoShop, however, I NEVER PhotoShop the makeup.
      I only use it to whiten my eyes, remove fallout underneath the eyes, remove any stray hairs from the brows and occasionally fix the liquid liner.
      I posted a before and after example on my Facebook page recently; you’re welcome to see it in the ‘Photos’ section if you’d like a peek into the process! 😉
      With as many makeup changes as I do in one sitting for the site (sometimes I’ll create 8 looks in 6 hours), I get bloodshoot eyes and do make mistakes with the liquid liner. Thank goodness for PhotoShop!! LOL 😉

    1. Hi Marcia! 🙂
      Did you mean Brown Script? 😉 MakeupGeek’s Cocoa Bear is an exact dupe! You can see the swatches of it by clicking here for that post. If you meant Brown Down, in that same post, I have a swatch of MUG’s Mocha which is also a VERY close dupe. If you wanted to stick with MAC, you could also go for Handwritten, which is very similar to it. (Probably the reason why MAC ultimately discontinued Brown Down :()

  2. I get the most compliments when I wear this eyeshadow…Brown Script on the lid, Red brick in the lower crease (just above the lid, Rule above Red Brick higher in the crease, and blend with Blanc Type. Love all of your combos!

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