Spotlight On: MAC Greensmoke

Finish: Lustre / Tarnished olive

Known dupes: Fiction

Greensmoke is the perfect name for this shade. When first looking at it in the pan, it looks like a dirty dark green with a subtle amount of glitter. Applied to the lid, it translates into much of the same although you lose a little bit of the green, in my opinion. On me, it turns into a dark smoky gray almost with a hint of glitter. However, if you pair it with other greens, the green base will come out a little more. The application is smooth and it doesn’t take much for this color to show up. It is a great contrast to other colors and can very easily be paired with other green eye shadows. Don’t be afraid to ‘think outside the box’ with Greensmoke and pair it with pinks, yellows and oranges. You might be surprised at what you find!

For more combos you can use for Greensmoke, please also see the Fiction post here!

Look #1

MAC eyeshadows used:

  • Greensmoke (on lid, below crease)
  • Patina (crease)
  • Vanilla (blend)


17 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Greensmoke

  1. I really love how Greensmoke looks in the pan but it’s like a lot of MAC’s lustres in that it’s hard to get that colour to show up on the lid. I find I really have to pack it on for it to show the beauty that you see in the pan. You seem to have done a great job of getting the beauty of Greensmoke to show up. I’m jealous!!!

  2. Hi-Z-placing a Mac order today (free shipping today only haha) I am ordering Folie, naked lunch, girlie and was contemplating Greensmoke-whats your take on these for my dark brown eyes. Feel free to suggest alternative ones and/or another one or two. Thanks

  3. Greensmoke, Sumptuous Olive AND Bows & Curtseys all in one look (#9) – be still my heart! I always wonder (since I can’t really see for myself) if Greensmoke looks more noticeable to others when I’m wearing it out and about than it does to me in my bathroom mirror. It never looks like “much” when applied, though it is so lovely in the pan.

    1. YAY!! That’s a GORG look!! I know what you mean!
      When I applied it in that look I was hoping it would show up on camera because sometimes the camera doesn’t translate well from real life into pictures, so I was pleasantly surprised when it did! It always looks more brown to me after it’s applied rather than “green”.

  4. Melissa Chevalier


    Gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to try a green for a while. I’ve narrowed down to Sumptuous Olive and Greensmoke. Which would you recommend if you were only going to buy one? My eyes are a blue-ish/greenish color depending on what I wear.

  5. Hi Z,
    Great job, as always. I was wondering, what could I sub for pastorale pigment? Thanks for your input.

  6. Lately I’ve been living Greensmoke! I recently purchased Inglot #412 which is a greenish-gold (chartreuse) color, and added it on the lid in between Retrospeck and Greensmoke in look #7! Loved it! Planning a St. Patrick’s Day look this year, most likely with Greensmoke as one of my shades! 😀

  7. Hello Z, I’m new to the site (loving it!) and I was wondering if you’d say Greensmoke is similar enough to Pistol from Naked2 to not need both. I really like all the looks you’ve done with it and want to make sure I don’t have anything similar before I buy it! 🙂

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