Spotlight On: MAC Mulch

Finish: Velvet / Red-brown with bronze pearl

Known Dupes: Botanical, Carbonized

Mulch is neutral shade that has a red base upon close inspection. This is a must-have for any lady’s eyeshadow arsenal, no matter your eye color. Like Swiss Chocolate, Mulch pairs well with nearly every other eyeshadow color in MAC’s collection. Its red base looks especially great when used with pinks and can be used to warm up any look.


13 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Mulch

  1. Yup, I have to get that one! Another one I am dying to get my hands on is Blanc Type. I know it is just a “plain” color, but darnit, NO ONE seems to have it around here! (which makes me want to get it more!) I will be driving to the one Nordstom’s, 20 miles away – they say they have it! 🙂 Maybe I will pick up mulch, too.

    1. I hear you! I love Blanc Type! I was hesitant in buying it for a while because it is so plain, but I’m glad I did!
      Have you tried ordering from MAC online? They usually get orders to you within 5 days with regular shipping, and if you sign up for their newsletter they constantly have free shipping specials (saves you the gas!). Their most recent free shipping code is MILAN11, if you’d like to use it. 🙂

      It’s a great deal, especially if you’re only buying two eyeshadows and don’t want to spend oodles on shipping!

      1. Oh yeah!!! I just ordered it. The only thing that was stopping me was paying shipping…now I don’t have to! Thank you! 🙂

  2. Mulch is one of my all time favourite colours. I use it in a few combinations like you’ve used. I really like your eye shadow combos and the photos that go with the explanations.

  3. Hi Zabrena,

    Can you recommend a dupe for Rich Life pigment? Also Deckshair pigment and Sweet Chestnut??
    I have some UD, NYX, and Make Up Geek (MUG) shadows.

    1. Hi Kay!
      A dupe for Rich Life is Espresso eyeshadow. Deckchair would be Gleam. Sweet Chestnut would be Cranberry, although if you mix Cranberry and Heritage Rouge pigment together, it’ll give you almost the exact same effect. Cranberry is lighter than Sweet Chestnut. If you don’t already have those eyeshadows, a cheaper alternative would be to get the pigment samples – would save a LOT of money for you. I buy mine all the time from the link in the sidebar that says ‘MAC Pigment Samples’ – you should be able to search for the name there. They’re about $2 – $4 a sample and you get about 50+ uses from just one.
      Hope this helps! 🙂

  4. I had to order a new empty palette because I filled up my first neutral one. Added Mulch, Antiqued, Nylon, and Texture to the mix. Looking forward to trying them out. Your recommendation of Sable and Naked Lunch over a year ago have proven to be my tried and true… I find myself going back to them no matter what I buy! And High Tea is still my favorite lipstick, hands down! Just wanted to say thanks again for your help. I didn’t realize the site had changed to paid until recently, but you put a lot of effort into this, you should get something out of it. 🙂

    1. Hi Brooke! Welcome back!! 🙂
      Yes! It’s turned into a nice little business! Amazing how something can go from strictly a hobby to that status. 😀
      Haha! Naked Lunch and Sable is one of my favorites too! Easy and quick look for everyday!
      You’re most welcome; I’m happy you’re here!! XOXO!

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