Spotlight On: MAC Fig. 1

Finish: Matte2 / Eggplant purple

Fig. 1 is a medium purple shade that is matte in consistency. This is the ideal color for the crease and outer v to add interesting color to your day or night look. It blends very easily with other colors and is also easy to blend out. Fig. 1 has more of a blue base than previous purple shades I’ve worked with from MAC that have more red bases, so if you have a cool complexion and find it hard to work with other purples, try this one.

Look #1

MAC eyeshadows used:

  • Fig. 1 (on lid, below crease)
  • Sushi Flower (crease)
  • Cranberry (blend Fig. 1 into Sushi Flower)
  • Vanilla (blend)


23 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Fig. 1

  1. Never would have thought to put together Fig 1 and Soft Brown!
    YOu see, thats why your work here is ao appriciated and so unique dear Zabrina!

  2. Another nice look is: Melon pigment on the inner part of the lid, taking it slightly into the crease. Fig.1 on the outer part or other half of lid. Also use Fig. 1 for lining lower lashline. For crease Sushi flower. Highlight and blend with Vanilla. This look is nice because you can go soft with the colors or use more and make it brighter and bolder! Also, it’s so nice to be able to buy samples of MAC pigments for a few dollars online, instead of buying the large containers!

      1. I also forgot to tell you that Motif on the inner lid, Indian Ink on the outer lid, and Sushi Flower in the crease is very pretty! I’m always forgetting to tell you something or ask you something! 🙂 LOL!

  3. What would you use as a substitute for Lovely Lily pigment LE in your look #2??? I truely LOVE all your posts!

    1. Hi Donna!
      Welcome to the site! I’m so happy to hear you’re finding it helpful!
      For Lovely Lily, Beautiful Iris is an exact dupe for it.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

  4. 6 looks great! That would be pretty with Indian Ink too. 🙂 You could also experiment with a different color than Sushi Flower. You could go more purple. That would be pretty. 🙂

    1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


      Thanks, Karah! I’ve been updating pictures all over the site for the past week; I just redid that one the other day. I need to redo a couple others in this post. YES! I like your ideas! That combo reminded me a lot of the Motif/Indian Ink/Sushi Flower combo you mentioned – speaking of, I need to add that one to the Indian Ink post soon too! 🙂

    1. Hi! The Matte2 finishes are jet milled more times than the regular Mattes which makes Matte2 eyeshadows much more vivid than Mattes. Mattes are much chalkier in comparison. When the feel of them is compared, Matte2 eyeshadows are much more smooth and soft, while Mattes are grittier. Matte2 are much more blendable and buildable as well. Hope that helps! 😉

      1. Ah yes, thanks. So why do they bother making the mattes if the matte2s are so much nicer and the same price? 🙂

        I noticed you used Sushi Flower a lot in your looks. Is it at all comparable to UD Woodstock? And are there other MAC shades comparable to the other purples you mention? Digit, Lovely Lily, Creme de Violet? Some of these looks I really like but I don’t have those colors. I’d have to get a Fig 1 but it looks like I might get more use out of that one so I don’t mind so much.

        1. I have to question the same thing!
          AND they discontinue the Matte2 more often than the Matte ones. 🙁

          I would compare Woodstock moreso to MAC’s Passionate; it’s a stronger pink but easier to wear than Passionate in my opinion.
          Lovely Lily can be substituted with something like Seedy Pearl, Digit is a hard one to dupe; Crystal is close but still off a little.
          Creme de Violet is comparable with Vibrant Grape. 🙂

          1. Hmm… anything comparable I can try in place of Sushi Flower for now?

            Eeee, I have a couple of the subs you mentioned. Now I just have to get the Fig 1 so I can try them. 😀

          2. YAY! Awesome! 🙂

            The closest to S.F. is Free to Be, which is lighter in comparison.
            S.F. is a barbie pink whereas Free to Be is more of a lighter, coral-leaning pink.

    1. Hi Mia!
      LE stands for ‘limited edition’ 😉 They are eyeshadows or products MAC comes out with for a limited time in a collection and once they sell out they’re no longer available unless MAC decides to bring them back at some other time. Stinks, I know! 🙁

  5. Last week a MUA from a Rio de Janeiro’s Mac store taught me how to do a very coloured and beautiful look that included Fig. 1. She started with Perky paintpot all over the lid and up to the crease, then Undercurrent green pencil on the upper and lower lash line, blended up to colour the lid. Then she used Fig. 1 on the crease to deepen the look. I loved it so much that I bought Fig. 1 that day. 🙂

  6. Hey Zabrena! I’ve been eyeing up this colour for a while and pursuing my quest to own every Mac eyeshadow in their permanent collection, I have just purchased this colour. Do you have any more combos up your sleeve for Fig. 1 that isn’t predominantly pink/purple?

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