Spotlight On: MAC Plumage

Finish: Matte / Dusky peacock

Plumage is a deep blue shade with a hint of glitter in the formula. This translates well onto the lid as it applies as it appears in the pan.  Plumage and I have a love/hate relationship. I love this shade for its pigmentation, versatility, color but I absolutely despise it for its blendability factor. I have learned to use a light hand with Plumage and the phrase “a little goes a long way” comes to mind! This color does do wonders for blue eyes; the darker blue color contrasts well and makes blue eyes come alive. It has the same effect for green eyes as well. If you have the blending patience, I highly recommend Plumage. It is well worth the effort!


12 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Plumage

  1. Oh, I just love Plumage! Have you ever tried pairing it with Aquadisiac and Parfait Amour? I was thinking of purchasing that combination, but I’m not quite sure if Plumage would blend cohesively with the other shadows. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Liliana!
      Yep! I LOVE it with Aquadisiac. I can’t speak to Parfait Amour, as I don’t own that one yet, but that’s also another beautiful color I’m sure would be awesome paired with Plumage. 🙂

  2. I asked a SA at MAC what she had on one day and she said it was Greensmoke and Plumage. I own them both but can’t ever get them to look like she did. Which would you apply where and what would you pair them with? By the way, I just found your site last night and I’m pretty sure browsing through it at every chance I get is all I’ve done today!! It’s amazing, you’re talented and SO awesome to put this all together for us. 🙂

    1. Hi Michelle!
      Welcome to the site! I’m SO happy to hear you’re enjoying it! 🙂
      I have been enjoying Greensmoke on the lid A LOT lately with different colors in the crease – it’s the perfect neutral color without being too ‘brown’ or ‘tan’. I’d try it like that – Greensmoke on the lid and Plumage in the crease and outer v. You could also try something like Greensmoke on the inner and outer third with Plumage in the middle of the lid and then mix Plumage and Greensmoke together in the crease. If you find Plumage and Greensmoke together in the crease to be too much of the same color, you could also try mixing it up with something like Arena or Humid in the crease instead. That might give you a really beautiful look. 🙂 Hope this helps give you some inspiration!

  3. Would you have a good swap for ‘soft brown’ in Look #1? Would ‘cork’ or something similar work well there? 🙂

  4. I have a fear of blue–but maybe this Plumage would be okay for my hazel eyes? I am, like, determined to find a blue that would be flattering on me–fair skinned, hazel eyes.

  5. Is Plumage too close to Bottle Green to justify having both? I think there’s more blue in Plumage, but on MAC’s website they appear identical!

    1. Hi Nikki!
      I can see where you might think that, but they are different 😉
      Plumage has much more blue in it and almost leans black when you apply it whereas Bottle Green truly is a deep dark green shade.
      So they are different enough to get both and both have that awesome matte finish! 😀

  6. I wore look 3 today, so pretty, for a Skype session with my bestie. She noticed my eyes right away and loved it!! I really like it too, this look is definitely a keeper for me! 🙂

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