Spotlight On: MAC Goldmine

Finish: Frost / Intense gold with shimmer

Goldmine is a richly pigmented yellow-gold shade with a slight amount of shimmer. This can be applied to the lid with a more sheer look, or layered on for a richer look, depending on your preference. I love pairing Goldmine with rich browns and sienna-like colors from MAC’s collection, but surprisingly it also pairs well with other colors like purples, greens and pinks. This can be a fun or subdued shade and provides a multitude of versatile looks.


4 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Goldmine

  1. I have really come to like Goldmine on the lid with Star Violet in the crease and then Sketch in the outer v.

    1. Hi Alexis!
      Yes! I had a similar combination to that up here before with Nocturnelle instead of Sketch – I took it out when I was redoing the images on the site. I may have to recreate it though 🙂 It is a beautiful look!

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