Spotlight On: MAC Saddle

Finish: Matte / Golden orange brown

Known Dupes: Soft Brown

Saddle is a medium brown matte shade, often compared to Soft Brown. While they may appear similar when you compare them side by side (it’s hard to differentiate the two without swatching them), Saddle is slightly darker and more orange-toned while Soft Brown is lighter and leans more brown. I like Saddle for its versatility and how easy it is to blend out. This is especially beautiful when used in the crease and is a must for those who like more conservative colors on their eyes. If you have blue or green eyes and find that orange-based shades work with your complexion, this is a must-have eyeshadow.

Look #1

MAC eyeshadows used:

  • Da Bling (on lid, below crease)
  • Saddle (crease)
  • Orb (blend)


19 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Saddle

  1. OK, I need your opinion! 🙂 The “browns” that I have are wedge, mulch, soft brown, embark, soba, espresso, brown script and patina. Out of these, I think patina looks the best on me…

    I now want to get cork, and swiss chocolate…or, do you think I should get saddle? Which would be the best 2 to add to my browns? I also have my eye on haux. I can get 3 new browns.

    Thought? 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Oh golly! Tough choices! While I do like Saddle a lot, I would recommend you getting Swiss Chocolate first. It is probably the one brown from MAC everyone can wear in a number of combinations. Cork is a close second! I also think Swiss is a little easier to work with than Saddle. Just my opinion 🙂

      1. Thanks! I can always get Saddle later.
        🙂 It is great to have an expert I can talk to first!

        I did something crazy…I bought that yellow Sun Blond color e/s from the new Surf Baby collection! Something about it made me want to try it. So, as always, I line my eyes with Embark, and put a wash of the Sun Blond over my lids and a bit in the crease. Then I mute it out a bit with Vanilla. Wow! It makes my eyes look really bright eyed! Just thought I would share that with you…my hubby wouldn’t get it, LOL!

        1. Aww, thanks!
          I was looking at that collection today myself! I was eyeing Saffron, but the Sun Blond color sounds very interesting now that you told me about that combination. Ouuu! I know the eye brightening effect you mean – it sounds fairly similar to what Ricepaper does to my eyelids (LOVE that color!). Thanks for the recommendation!
          Hee hee . . . men! 🙂

    1. Hi Heather!
      It’s such a small difference between the two that you probably wouldn’t notice if you used one or the other.
      Saddle is a little bit more brown, while Texture leans slightly more red/orange.
      If you have a cool complexion (blues, grays look nice on you), I’d recommend Saddle – if you have a warm complexion (red-based shades, oranges and pinks look nice on you), I’d recommend Texture.
      Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Saddle is a colour I’d probably never try because it is just too orange toned for me but I have to say that I LOVE look #5, probably because it’s so easy and I do love Orb (my very first MAC shadow) and #2 (because of Naked Lunch which is a fave also and Mystery, which I know I’m going to break down and buy some day soon!). Can’t wait for when you put up all your Naked Lunch looks! And I really love your full face photos in “EOTD”.

    1. I love #5 also! It’s one I wear on days when I’m in a rush. You were right about Naked Lunch – I am finding I like it, not loving it yet, but I do like it so far. I’m looking forward to working with it more this next week in prep for next weekend’s posting and seeing what I can come up with! 🙂

    1. Hi Heather!
      ATG is a pure champagne color that is more neutral and very easy to work with/apply. Gleam leans more pink and has a more glitter finish that is still easy to work with, but should be avoided for those with more mature eyelids. (The added glitter makes fine lines more noticeable – *eek*)

    1. Hmmm! It’s not over here. I’ve noticed the shades are not the same in the UK as they are here. I’ve had many tell me they can’t get Brown Script there either. Soft Brown is a great substitute for Saddle! 😉

      1. I’ve just checked and we can’t get Soft Brown or ground brown either – grrr! I am definitely moving to America 🙂 Would wedge or texture be comparable?

        1. LOL! YAY!! 😉
          Ahem, Booooo! Haha!
          Texture is more comparable, as it does have orange in it. I think that would be a great substitute. It’s a tad different formula than Soft Brown and is stronger, but still lovely. 😉

    1. Hi Amber! I use a brush like the Sigma E30 and apply a small amount of eyeshadow on it, and deposit it into the fold of the crease. Then blend it out with something like the MAC 217. This adds depth to a look, great way to enhance the socket line, especially for those who may not have a highly visible one 🙂

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