Spotlight On: MAC Red Brick

Finish: Matte / Orange red

Red Brick is a beautiful red based eyeshadow with an almost coral-like quality when paired with subdued, warm colors. If you have green eyes, this is a must for you to try. If you feel a color like this is too much for you, try keeping it contained to the crease or the outer v for a subtle pop of color. I tried using this all over the lid and it didn’t really give the effect I would’ve liked – not out in public at least. 😀 When I applied Red Brick in the combinations below, I used a small amount and built the color slowly using a #224 brush from MAC (you could also use Sigma’s E60 or something similar). You can always add more, so remember to build it slowly and blend as you go. Don’t let this color intimidate you, especially if you’re fair skinned and have green or blue eyes!


17 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Red Brick

  1. Looks great! Also, the photography is really good in this and in the past posts…you can really see the eye shadows well.

    1. Thanks, Christina! I’m trying to take more of these photos in natural light, as the colors are more vibrant and life-like that way. Takes a little longer, but completely worth it in the end! 🙂

  2. Looks 9 and 10 are absolutely gorgeous however with my skin tone look 9 is best for me. I love when new looks are posted for colors I have!

      1. I’ve been contemplating this color. I already have Orange. Are they interchangable, in your opinion? I love the redness in Red Brick, especially paired with pinks.

        1. Hmm, I wouldn’t compare them to one another as Red Brick is more of a light pink when blended out but orange is very orange in comparison; LOL! Sorry, couldn’t think of any other way to describe it. Orange is definitely the brighter and more vibrant of the two. Red Brick really isn’t that bold of a color on the lid compared to how it looks in the pan; I quite like it! Even moreso than Orange! 😉

          1. Yeah, I know what you’re saying. I went ahead and ordered it from MAC’s site so it’ll be here Monday. I’m gonna give looks 9 and 10 a whirl!

  3. Hi Zabrena, new subscriber & I have to say that ur site is fantastic!!! Just bought red brick, & ur right it can b a little intimidating, but with ur help I was able to ware it like a pro!! ( look # 7). Thank you. I am so excited to b a member

  4. Stephanie Miller-Brun


    So I think I made a cool little discovery today to add to the red brick list. Inspired by your look #7 Zabrena! Hope you don’t mind me sharing this. First off I didn’t use blanc type(on accident, thought I was supposed to use vanilla so I used vanilla) and I didn’t use bronze simply because I didn’t have it. Personally, no offense to Zabrena whatsoever, I prefer to add a little more depth and dimension(to camouflauge my deep set, downturned eyes yuck)I was trying to figure out what I could use that could add some depth and still compliment swish and red brick so being that there is a very subtle red shimmer to it I decided to try adding smut and with a little patience and blending between vanilla and the red brick it actually turned out to be quite beautiful! Thanks to Zabrena I have a new use and fave for red brick AND smut:)
    swish-lid to crease
    red brick-crease to a tad above brow bone
    smut-deepen crease and outer v
    *I have pics to show the outcome but wasn’t sure how to post them 🙂

    1. That sounds beautiful, Stephanie! Thank you for sharing! You’re more than welcome to post pictures in the forum of the look! I and I’m sure other members would love to see it! (And you!) 🙂

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