Spotlight On: MAC Free to Be

Finish: Matte / Bright true coral

Known Dupes: Sushi Flower, Early Bird

I am madly in LOVE with Free to Be! As far as I’m concerned, this is the best pink eyeshadow I have come across in a long time. This is everything I wanted out of Sushi Flower but didn’t quite get. Free to Be is a lighter pink than Sushi Flower and I find it to be much more wearable, especially in your daily routine. This color suits every eye color perfectly – whether you have brown, blue, green or hazel, this is a must-own shade. Free to Be creates beautiful transitions between colors and when paired with red based shades like Satin Taupe, Aquadisiac and Sable, it creates this beautiful purple shade (see the images below). Easy to build and easy to blend!


16 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Free to Be

  1. GRRRRH! I was between getting this of Sushi Flower and chose the latter. Now I really regret the choice as I don’t know what to do with Sushi Flower, and this post really intensifies the regret!

  2. Love your posts and makeup style…….I haven’t used Mac before, I am a beginner….. Please tell me the 15 must have shades.. I have brown eyes and warm/olive skin…I am from New Delhi India…

  3. Picked up Free To Be at a CCO while I was in Vegas last week. I was really hoping to Find Off The Page, but I am still happy to have found this one. Love my pinks and oranges!

  4. I do believe they added Free To Be to their permanent collection. I saw it listed on their website today when I was shopping around. Definitely, probably gonna have to order Guacamole, Jete, and Moth Brown. Having a hard time resisting lol

    1. Hi Lindsey!
      Yes, Free to Be has been part of MAC’s permanent collection for a few years now 🙂 One of my favorites! I just got Guacamole and Jete today! They are SO beautiful! I know you would love them!

  5. What?!? I tried to buy it at a MAC store a few months back and the sales lady told me they didn’t carry it, and that it was LE! Shows how much she knows. Granted, I’m not complaining, since I got it cheaper at the CCO lol, but still, I figured she of all people would know.
    Either way, I was going to try and avoid buying Moth Brown, but the reviews I’m reading have me convinced that it is a spectacular shade to own.

    1. Oh my gosh, seriously?! That’s horrible! I rarely go to the stores for that kind of reason – sometimes they are so stupid in there! I can’t believe you were told it is LE! Ugh. Glad you found it cheaper at a CCO anyway! 😉

      I’m still considering Moth Brown this week! I’m hoping I can see it in person soon and make a more informed decision – it IS super beautiful online!!

  6. I found that Dear Cupcake from the SugarSweet collection is a dupe for Free to Be. They say its a satin but I couldn’t tell te difference. Love both though and now have lots of ideas on new ways to wear them! Thanks Z!

  7. This is another color I’m sooo getting. Could I switch Heritage out with Cranberry in look 6? I wouldn’t mind having to get both though 😉

  8. I went to Mac today to purchase Free to Be, after much debate and having landed on the best possible choice for a pinky coral shadow…and they are discontinuing the color! I’m so bummed!

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