Video Tutorial: How to Apply False Lashes

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to False Eyelashes

154663-425x282-applying-false-lashesFalse lashes are, by far, one of my most favorite beauty products and an easy way to completely change your look. Not only can they widen your eyes, they can also add that special finishing touch to your look. I mainly use Red Cherry for all of my looks, on the blog and off the blog. I find them to be of very high quality and very affordable. If you’re interested in Red Cherry, there is a link in the blog’s sidebar to an online company that sells them for $2.00 a pair – I buy mine here all the time.

If you’d like to know how to apply them and gain some other helpful tips and tricks, please see the video below. Enjoy! 🙂

And if you’d like information about how to remove, reuse and care for them:

10 thoughts on “Video Tutorial: How to Apply False Lashes

  1. Hello Zabrena, just to let you know that I ordered some Red Cherry lashes from your Blog link on 03/02/2012 and received them on 03/05/2012 from California to Puerto Rico for just $2.50!! Every pair I ordered was just perfect and plan on ordering many more. Thanks.

    1. That’s awesome, Michelle!!
      That’s impressive!
      Another reason why I love getting my Red Cherry falsies from that place – high quality and no waiting around!! Great gal running that operation 🙂
      Glad you’re enjoying them!!

  2. It looks like my lid is about the size of yours, judging from how much you trimmed off of the false lash. My eyelashes don’t have much curl and kind of stick straight out if I do nothing with them. I wear false eyelashes frequently and usually curl my eyelashes first and then apply a coat of mascara. Today I decided to skip that step and put on my eyeshadows and then put on my false eyelashes. I feel like the look I achieved is quite good, but I think it would be better if I curl my eyelashes, as you did here, after applying the false lash. Is there a right way or wrong way on this–as in, is it better to do a light curl, apply mascara, then apply the lash, or can I skip that step and just apply the lash and then do a light curl? Thank you!

    1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


      Hi Lynda!
      I do both! I personally like to curl the false eyelash after application so it presses my real eyelashes into the false ones.
      The effect looks very natural and helps to keep any straight ones from sticking out afterwards (I have those too!).
      But to answer your question, I usually curl the lash, apply mascara, apply the false eyelash and then lightly press the false with my real eyelashes one last time. I’m just gentler with the eyelash curler on the final curling 🙂

  3. Late to the party here! I just ordered the shorter version of the lashes. I am wondering if you have any tips to tricks for applying such a even thin layer of adhesive. Thanks. Great site. It’s not being a novice at 52, but the videos are surely helping. I successfully applied liquid liner for the first time thanks to you!

  4. Hey. Your demos are great. However, I still have a problem I’m hoping you might be able to help me with. I apply my lashes just as you’ve said, including using the Duo lash glue, and cut the lashes to size, however they never seem to stick for me or else just for a very short time before the ends start popping off. I end up just taking them off. Is there a stronger glue out there? Or some other reason I’m missing? I would so love to wear the pretty lashes but am rather frustrated with the whole thing. Thanks for any help in advance. Ps. Love your site!

    1. Hi Terri!
      Thanks for asking! May I ask which lashes you’re using? Usually ones with thin, clear bands stick better.
      Also, after you apply the glue – how long are you letting it set? You want to allow the glue to set for about 30 seconds and while you’re waiting on it to get tacky, hold the lash in a U shape. It will help it to follow the natural shape of your lashline better and prevent lifting.

      Hope some of this helps! Don’t give up on them! 🙂 You can do it!

      1. Hey Zabrena! Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve used lashes by Ardell, Andrea, Sephora and a few others I an’t think of off hand.I’ve had about the same luck with all of them. And Like you said, I wait a good 30 seconds and hold it in the u-shape. I’m beginning to think it’s just me, but am taking your advice and not giving up yet! Thanx! 🙂

  5. hi i cannot see the side bar link the to website could you please link it to me i am really eager to buy some red cherry lashes. their $10 a piece in australia

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