Spotlight On: MAC Tilt

Finish: Frost / Violet with blue-green pearl

Known Dupes: Birds & Berries

Tilt is a medium blue shade that applies easily to the lid with little to no effort and blends out just as beautifully. As with most MAC eyeshadows, it’s important to use a good base with this one, as it loses its potency without one. This pairs easily with other blues, greens, pinks and browns. This color can work for blue eyes, providing you have dark blue peepers (those with lighter blue eyes may need to use this sparingly in combos to reduce the competition with your eyecolor). Tilt is especially alluring for brown eyes and if you have brown eyes, you really shouldn’t hesitate trying this shade.

Look #1

MAC eyeshadows used:

  • Satin Taupe (on lid, below crease)
  • Tilt (crease)
  • Steamy (inner half of lower lashline)
  • Deep Truth (outer half of lower lashline)
  • Vanilla (blend)


8 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Tilt

  1. oh my gosh all of these are absolutely beautiful! I love Tilt and i can’t pick out one favorite look as they are all so stunning. Can I ask you, if you don’t have the deep blue green pigment, do you think there is any other close substitute? I’ve only recently started collecting MAC (sixty-one eyeshadows thus far…) and I’ve missed out on a lot of LE’s and of course I can’t get pro colors 🙁

    1. Hmmm, unfortunately that shade is so unique, it’s hard for me to think of a good dupe from MAC’s permanent line. Sometimes you run into that. That look doesn’t really need it though as Tilt and Deep Truth look beautiful just by themselves. 🙂

  2. All of those looks are beautiful. What did you use as a base. So far I’ve tried it over Soft Ochre paint pot and Too Faced Primer Potion and I just can’t get the color to read. No matter how I pack it on or blend it, it just looks like a very sheer shimmer of blue-grey. My coloring and eyes color are similar to yours but my eyes are blue-green.

    1. Hi Patty!
      I use Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance as a primer – is that what you meant? Urban Decay’s is called ‘Primer Potion’ which is why I ask. 🙂
      I haven’t had a problem with using it and colors typically don’t show very well on me either. Are you applying the eyeshadow directly after applying the primer? I’ve noticed with certain shades if I allow the primer to dry too long, the shade doesn’t appear as vibrant compared to being applied directly after application (Steamy does this to me). When I use shades like that, I typically have to do one eye at a time to keep the look vibrant. Maybe try that?

  3. Thanks for the tip. ‘ll give it a try on the primer still wet. In general I get better result when I wait 30 seconds for it to dry.

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