Spotlight On: MAC Wedge

Finish: Matte / Soft muted beige taupe

Known Dupes: Kid, UD Naked

Wedge is a matte brown shade ideal for toning down bright colors you may want to wear on the lid. While it’s not unique by any means, it’s a great staple. However, it is highly comparable to Kid and in my opinion you really don’t need both. Given the choice between these two, I really don’t know which one I like better as I feel they’re slightly different. Wedge is a little easier to work with compared to Kid in terms of blending. Maybe I’ll keep both. LOL!


16 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Wedge

  1. I especially love #1, 4 and 5 (no surprises here!). I’m quite fair also but I find that Wedge hardly shows on me (or maybe it’s the light in my bathroom and I should check how it looks in daylight). Zabrena, can you suggest a dupe for Rich Life pigment? I’m guessing it’s a rather matte dark brown since there doesn’t seem to be any sheen at all from Mulch in Look #1.

    1. Hmm, are you using a primer underneath? If so, applying eyeshadow directly after applying primer usually does the trick. I find if I let the primer dry too long, certain eyeshadows aren’t as vibrant (Steamy, especially!). Rich Life is a beautiful deep brown with flecks of gold in it – probably a little similar to Espresso eyeshadow but without the gold flecks and not as rich in my opinion. However, Rich Life is truly a beautiful pigment and a unique shade of deep brown – there are a lot of pigment samples on Google that are usually around $3-5 if you’d like to try it (that’s how I bought it)! 🙂

      1. I sure do use primer. I just think it’s not the colour for me either, though a lot of people say it’s great to use to contour your face, nose, etc. because it’s so subtle, matte and “non-orange” – just really like a natural shadow that would occur under your cheekbone. It’s one way to use it up, I guess! I will have to remember to check my eyes in different light the next time I wear Wedge (I might just wear it tomorrow since I am only working in the afternoon and have lots of time in the morning to play around with makeup! (vbg – it really is like playtime, isn’t it?)

        1. LOL! YES! I love makeup playtime! 🙂
          I could definitely see Wedge as being better for contour work. I just wasn’t that impressed with it as an eyeshadow. Yeck.

          Oh, by the way – I am pigment shopping now and guess what I found?! Moonlight Night pigment! Once I get it, I’ll do some looks with it 😉 Looking forward to that!

      2. Whoops – also meant to say that while I don’t have Espresso, I do have Brun (which I preferred as it’s cooler) but I’ve also got Too Faced’s Natural Eye palette and I’m thinking that maybe Cocoa Puff or Erotica might work in place of Rich Life, or I could just stop with the Mulch and leave it there. Funny – I don’t have a problem with Steamy not looking vibrant on my eyes….in fact, it’s almost like a neon sign, it’s so vibrant! Weird, hunh?

    1. Hi Heather!
      I would say Cork is more of a true, true neutral brown that works for next to nearly everyone (I LOVE Cork!). Saddle is a more of an orange-based brown. Compared to Cork and Saddle, Wedge has a gray tone to it that (in my opinion) is more ideal for cooler complexions.

  2. I like this eyeshadow a lot, but I also purchased omega online a few months ago and realized they are the EXACT same color!! Even though I like wedge, it will take ages for me to ever hit pan on it, let alone TWO of them!!! what a bummer. thank you for these though maybe i’ll have enough ideas to use up one of these pans haha

  3. I like the looks with Wedge as a lid color. Its a very nice golden brown. How would you describe the difference between Wedge and Cork?

  4. I have slightly hooded eyes and don’t like the look of shimmer except a little on my lid (happens as you get older). I just purchased wedge for my lid and charcoal brown for the crease (used orb as blending and painterly over the whole lid). Everyone thought it looked great in the MAC store….hope I will still love it as time goes on. I am fair with blue eyes and dark blonde hair. I know I have read that warm colors would be better for my eyes but I am having a hard time “warming” up to them….any help????

    1. Hi Robyn! If you have the Mariposa palette from UD, the eyeshadow called ‘Mushroom’ is pretty close to it. Or there’s Derailed from Vice2 that is semi-close to it as well. Additionally, I found out in a past post (click here for the pics!) that if you layer Knight Divine with Satin Taupe, you get a VERY similar effect! 😀 Hope some of this helps!

  5. did look 5 using Fiction instead of Greensmoke and used Nars Nepal instead of Dazzlelight (which I don’t have and is too light for me anyway) and came out really nice.

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