Spotlight On: MAC Freshwater

Finish: Veluxe Pearl / Bright summer blue

Freshwater falls right between Electric Eel and Deep Truth in my opinion; it’s slightly darker than Electric Eel and lighter than Deep Truth. While it is effortless to apply, I did find this one difficult to pair with other colors and it’s usually rare for me to have trouble pairing eyeshadows – it may have been due to the fact that I didn’t like how it looked on me, no matter what I applied. I do like using it as a liner for that small pop of color as opposed to an all-over lid color, so that may be how I use it in the future for myself. At any rate, if you don’t have blue eyes I would definitely recommend trying this one.


15 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Freshwater

  1. aww i’ve been anxiously awaiting this post!!!! i absolutely ADORE this color and the combos you came up with are gorgeous. i love it with rule, goldmine, swimming, and pretty much every color! if only blues like this one were appropriate for work… i hope you’ll continue to play with it in the future 🙂 i think it’s beautiful on you

    1. Thanks, Joanna! I was hoping someone would suggest more colors to use this with! I will definitely have to see what else I can come up with in the future. 😉

      1. yes yes don’t give up quite yet 🙂 i find it pairs well with more colors that i’d initially thought. i love it and was stalking your website all day waiting for this post. it goes nicely with almost everything as long as they are placed appropriately. love it mostly on the lid.

  2. i love your site so much and am so happy to see this post.
    i find this shadow a little overwhelming too, but i apply it to the centre of my lid, then use star violet on the inner and outer parts of my lid with a shadow like woodwinked or mulch to deepen the crease.
    i am definately going to try these looks as well though! thank you =]

    1. Thanks for the ideas! I may have to try Humid with this – not too fond of using Carbon (it’s such a booger to work with! :)) so I tend to go more for Typographic.

    1. Thanks for the ideas, Ankita! I’m going to have to go back to this post and add some more of all of these great suggestions (and the ones above) into it. 🙂

  3. I put Freshwater under Aquadisiac for the inner half my of lid, and pair it with Blue Brown pigment in the outer half. The two blues really bring out the blue tone in Blue Brown.

  4. I just discovered this color is awesome in the center of my lid with Blue Brown Pigment in the inner and outer corner of the eyelid and a skin tone color to blend out the rough lines. Just gorgeous on my brown eyes. I adore look 6!

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