Spotlight On: MAC Soft Brown

Finish: Matte / Soft golden peachy-brown

Known Dupes: Saddle

Soft Brown is a medium matte shade that blends effortlessly and can really help to add the finishing touch to your look. If there is ever an eyeshadow in MAC’s collection you aren’t sure what to pair it with, try Soft Brown. I find it goes with nearly every color and also helps brighter shades to be more wearable (see look #3). Compared to Saddle, Soft Brown is lighter, a little less orange-toned and much more versatile. I absolutely love this shade and particularly love to blend it out with a shade like Bisque, as it doesn’t compete with Soft Brown and creates a gorgeous transition.


21 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Soft Brown

  1. I’ve never thought to use knight divine with soft brown but it is absolutely beautiful!! I’m definitely trying this one!!!!!

  2. Could you do a look combining Winkle, or a shade similiar to it, and Soft Brown? I really love Winkle, but I can’t seem to make it blend cohesively into an everyday look. (If this matters at all, I have dark brown eyes). Thanks, Zabrena! 🙂

  3. In Look #2 I love how the warmth of Soft Brown complements the cool tone of Silver Ring. And I never realized what a lovely color Fig 1. is until I saw it paired with Soft Brown in Look #9

  4. Z, with all the dupe suggestions you’ve been doing lately, can you suggest something from MAC or UD that is close to Soft Brown? SB is a bit too orangey for me to fall in love with it and buy it (I keep checking it out in store and it reaffirms to me that it’s not a shade I’d use a whole lot). UD Naked or Buck or MAC Wedge – are they at all close enough to stand in for Soft Brown?

    1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


      I was actually going to suggest either UD Naked or MAC Kid, as they’re very similar to Soft Brown, but without the orange tint.
      UD Buck is a little darker than SB’s tone and would be more of a dupe for MAC Cork.
      Hope that helps! 🙂

      1. That helps a lot, Zabrena! Thank you so much. I’m really looking forward to your Coquette spotlight! It’s one of my go to shadows for a lot of neutral looks or for toning down some more shimmery ones.

  5. If I have kid, do I need soft brown? I just bought all that glitters today and the lady paired it with soft brown on me. When I got out of store and in natural iChat I realized it is more orangey on me than it looks in the palette. I already own kid and thinking I should just return it

  6. Hey ladies,

    today I went to my MAC counter to buy Soft Brown, but the MUA said, that it is discontinued?!?!?!? I asked for Saddle than and she said it was also discontinued?!?! OMG, that’s so horrible, I wanted to have one of the two so badly for a look I saw on YouTube 🙁
    Does someone know a shade I can use instead? 🙁

    Coming home so sad today 🙁

      1. I looked it up on the German Mac website, because I coudln’t believe it… But I couldn’t find them…
        Thanks for your recommendation, I will definetely check ot texture then… it’s a little darker, right?

        Btw: I am always amazed by how fast you answer! You’re amazing! 😉

          1. I did a little research and the Inglot shade #337 is often called a dupe for Soft Brown. Although I didn’t find any side to side swatches, I think I might give this one a go…

  7. LOL! Soft Brown leans a little more orange than Cork, but same texture, if not better. It’s one of my favs! If you can wear orangey-browns, I’d say go for it!

  8. Any chance of pairing soft brown up with some other combinations for us. I have fair skin, blue eyes, brown hair, yet every time I put soft brown on I just don’t love it. I bought texture too and that’s another one I’m having trouble with. althought I do a lot of orange shades, i.e., mythology, gleam, rule. I want to like it but haven’t found the right combination or how to use it

  9. I just order Soft Brown refill at Ebay. Seller Crestwar. Disc. Bamboo, Saddle and Brown Script were also available. I skipped Saddle cause it looks like a dupe for Texture which I have. Unsure if I would use the quite dark Brown Script. Bamboo looks like Arena which i trend to buy at the store. What is your suggestions/comments?

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