Spotlight On: MAC Swimming

Finish: Lustre / Hi-shine sea green

Swimming is a beautiful, medium shade of green. I found it to be highly pigmented and easy to work with; it truly adds the perfect amount of color to a look without being too over the top. When you examine it in the pan it has a subtle amount of glitter that does transfer well to the lid. Naturally I like to pair this shade with other greens, but I also found it works extremely well with some of MAC’s brighter blues and more purple-toned shades.


9 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Swimming

  1. remember what I said about having to copy and paste everything I say..well..this would be one of those times! I have never seen green look so good so many ways..I especially love how you paired Swimming with Club and Bows and Curtseys…wow..

  2. I never was “that great” with greens (even though maybe I should be since I have hazel eyes) and therefore shyed away from them. I just did look #3, and it really looks amazing on me. Thank you!

    1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


      YAY! That’s awesome!
      I think if you follow looks like that one where there’s a small amount of green countered with more contrasting colors you should be A-O-K.
      Darker greens would be worth a try too as I think they’d offset your hazel eyes nicely.

  3. Here is another look for Swimming. My MAC consultant did this look for me and was so gorgeous! Pastorale pigment (all over lid but use Painterly pp as base) Swimming on eyelid, Swish in crease, Violet eyeliner on upper lid and Tealo liner on lower lid. Hope everyone enjoys this!

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