A Look with Urban Decay’s NAKED Palette

I purchased Urban Decay’s Naked Palette a little while ago and I’ve had about a month now to play around with it and really get a feel for its quality. While I do like the eyeshadows in this palette and the unique colors offered here (like nothing in MAC’s collection), I did find some of the darker shades tough to work with in terms of blending.

I do plan to experiment more with it (Dad didn’t raise quitters! :)), but overall I haven’t been too pleased with this palette. If you don’t have it already, I wouldn’t recommend running out and purchasing it, but that’s just me.

I do, however, really like this particular look created with it.

Click here for more pictures of looks with the Naked palette.

Close-up of the eyes:

Products Used


  • Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in Ivory #110
  • Ben Nye Neutral Set Translucent Powder
  • MAC Trace Gold – blush


  • Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance
  • UD Sidecar (inner half of lid)
  • UD Toasted (outer half of lid)
  • UD Hustle (crease)
  • UD Creep (define crease lightly)
  • UD Virgin (blend)
  • L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Black
  • Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Blonde
  • MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
  • Red Cherry false lashes #82


  • MAC Hug Me
  • MAC Creme d’Nude (applied to middle of bottom lip)
  • MAC Wee Coquette lipglass (also applied to middle of bottom lip)

10 thoughts on “A Look with Urban Decay’s NAKED Palette

  1. Yeah, I *want* to like it more, but it sort of just sits in my makeup bag. I think I have one look I really like, with the more natural colors in it.

    I have strayed a tiny bit from MAC to try the Bare Essentials Ready eye shadows. I wonder what you would think of them? 😉

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh good – it’s not just me! LOL!
      I’ve tried using these colors together so many different ways and I’m just not finding any combinations that really stand out to me. Maybe it’s the whole neutral thing that’s throwing this color-lover off.

      Now I haven’t ventured out to discover the Bare Essentials, but if you like them I may just have to check ’em out!

      Hope you have a fab weekend as well!

  2. I actually like the Naked palette. I was lucky to get it when it first came out. I love the colour Sidecar but the fallout from that one shade is so discouraging. I recently got Naked 2 and (big surprise), as it’s cooler toned, I like it even more. What I love about both of these palettes is that you can take them and nothing else when you travel and that’s saying a lot coming from an eyeshadow junkie like me. I knew you’d LOVE Half-Baked. I like it also and prefer it to Woodwinked as it is less likely to take on an unflattering orange tone when I blend it. Zabrena, is Gunmetal at all close to any of the lovely greys you’ve featured in your tutorials (Knight Divine, Electra or Silver Ring)? I’d like to avoid buying those if I can (I’ve been splurging on Chanel lately).

    1. Yes! I’m sure the Naked 2 is great on you! 🙂
      That is another thing that attracted me to the UD palette – how easy it’d be to travel with and having the flexibility to create tons of combinations.

      I swatched Gunmetal and Knight Divine a few minutes ago and they are exactly the same color. I actually prefer Gunmetal more than KD. It has greater pigmentation and more glitter. So save your pennies there! 🙂

      Oooo, Chanel! Yep, that can expensive QUICK! I love their lipglosses.

      1. Thanks, Zabrena – that is great to know about Gunmetal, because I love some of the looks you’ve done with those MAC grey shadows. I had a $20 off store gift coupon that I used for the Chanel shadow, so it make it quite inexpensive, though I really love their Illusion d’ombre shadows and will probably get one or 2 more of those over time. I’ve never bought their lipglosses or lipsticks – I can sort of justify the cost of their shadows but not something that’s going to get left behind on my coffee cup, wine glass, etc.!

    2. Good to know that i’m not the only who isn’t crazy about this palette! I actually spent way too much money on ordering it, and now it just sits in my drawer. It is way to sparkly for my aging lids, and the fall out drives me nuts! The colors are way too warm also, but glad to know the UD 2 is cooler toned, i might have to go see this one in person instead of ordering online! Thanks for the info ladies!

  3. Good morning Zabrena,
    I bought this palette a long time ago and have found it a bit difficult to get many eyeshadow looks from it as well. I love the halfbaked color l and have used it with a plummy purple eyeshadow, Virgin , and a light brown (I think it may have been naked from the palette) and a little bit of Hustle. It was pretty. Out of all the colors I tend to only use hustle, (naked and buck because I don’t have light shades in MAC other then Vanilla), and sin. And you are right, the dark colors are difficult to blend! It would be nice if UD offered more matte shades in this palatte as well.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the review and the video!!! 🙂
    I’ve got this palette a few months ago: I’m travelling a lot this year for job/family reason and I tought it could be useful since I mostly use neutral color.
    Sadly, I decided to return it after only a couple of weeks.
    The colour are difficolt to blend and there is too much fallout! 🙁
    Now, when I travel, I bring with me a Z-Palette or a Uni-Palette with my favorite nude eyeshadows (from different brand) and It’s much better! 🙂
    Cheers from Italy! ^_^

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