Spotlight On: MAC Handwritten

Finish: Matte2 / Rich chocolate brown

Known Dupes: Brown Down

Handwritten is, by far, the most perfect shade of deep brown and is easily paired with a wide spectrum of colors. I especially like to use it to add definition to a combination and as an eyeliner when I want a softer look. Like many of the eyeshadows with the Matte2 finish, Handwritten is easy to work with and blend into other colors. However, I will say when used alone in the crease I do find it extremely hard to blend out, if at all. This eyeshadow is extremely rich in pigmentation so a little truly does go a LONG way. Handwritten is a staple in my collection and truly is the perfect dark brown shade.


9 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Handwritten

  1. Look #6 is unique because it has a darker lid color and lighter crease color. I like how the color fades out.

  2. Z–Where did the combo go of Quarry/Folie/Handwritten/Vanilla? I don’t see it here now. Luckily, I had copied it down and just tried it yesterday, and it is completely amazing on my hazel eyes! Seriously amazing. Thanks!

    1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


      What was the placement for those colors? It may have just gotten left off accidentally when I redid the post (whoops!); looks like I may have to add it back in! 🙂

  3. My holiday look included Handwritten on outer third of eye and in outer v, Off the Radar pigment on inner 2/3 of lid, with Woodwinked in crease. Loved it so much even wore to my birthday dinner. Thank you Zabrena for all your hard work and ideas.

  4. Hi, Zabrena. Loved your combo of Handwritten. But many of the shades I don’t
    have, so if you can please put some more combination. Like with All That Glitters, Rice Paper, Free to be & more which are commonly used by people.
    And free to be e/s was my first MAC shade I had brought many years back.
    Thanks to you for taking so much pain, to give us many combo’s to try easily.

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