Spotlight On: MAC Shadowy Lady

Finish: Matte / Blackened plum

When I first set out to write my review of Shadowy Lady, it was really awful. I hated this shade when I first started using it. True, it is difficult to blend and can apply splotchy, but there’s a trick to it – placement and a light hand. When used to define the crease and line the eyes, this is such an awesome shade and really adds a unique color to your look. When I want to apply it to the crease, I go for a fluffy crease brush like Sigma’s E45 or MAC’s #286, as they deposit the color in the ideal amount. If you apply too much to the crease with this color, it WILL BE a nightmare to blend away, so less is really more. I do particularly love this color when layered under Vellum (see Look #1) – it creates such a unique look. Shadowy Lady – you’re safe. From wanting to swap you away so quickly, I think I’ll keep ya.


21 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Shadowy Lady

      1. 32 dollars is a little much! It’s a beautiful color especially over shadowy lady but not worth that much to me! I just bought steamy and it’s pretty but it’s not as rich in color as I thought it would be! Do U have pics using it?

        1. I agree – I think the most I ever spent on one eyeshadow was $45 and it was for Waternymph – which turned out to be a dupe for Steamy, just slightly more teal. Boy, was that a regretting purchase! No more spending like that for me!

    1. Vellum is still available for pro members in a pan refill for 11.50 online. I was just able to add to my bag!!!

  1. Nice addition! Love to see what you come up with next…

    I just wanted to let you know I finally ordered my set. I decided to order the big 15 count pan and got the little shadow fillers to go in it, that way I can add onto my collection.

    I went with Naked Lunch (omg GORGEOUS), Phloof! for highlight (love this one), Sable (holy moly this is my new favorite), All That Glitters, and my ol’ tride and true Bronze. I’m going to put my Amber Lights and other favorites in it too whenever I become unlazy enough to heat up those stinkin’ pots and pick the glue off the back.

    Thank you for your suggestions. You are awesome. Keep up the good work with the blog. You will hear from me again, I’m sure! 🙂

    1. YAY! Good for you, Brooke!
      LOL! That’s my issue with depotting – I wait until I get too many because I put it off, and keep putting it off 😉

      I’m happy you’re enjoying the blog! Yours is hysterical, by the way. Very well done 🙂

  2. I love #7. With hazel green eyes I tend to gravitate to purples, and it happens to be my absolute favorite color! Like #4 & #3 as well

  3. I am so glad I found your site! I have your same complexion, dark red hair and blue eyes! I am also prepping for my first fitness comp and need help with stage makeup. The most common MAC eye rec is Shadowy Lady, usually with shroom. I love all of your above eyes! Trying to decide if one of these would work for me on stage. My suit is a med teal. What lip color is your fav with this color? Thanks for all your helpful info! I feel like I will become a eye color addict now. Never realized I could wear so many colors!

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