Spotlight On: MAC Paradisco

Finish: Frost / Bright pinky-coral with pearl

Known Dupes: Peppier

If it is one eyeshadow I have received the most requests to do a Spotlight post for, it’s definitely Paradisco. This shade was actually in my first huge MAC eyeshadow haul when I was first getting into MAC and I absolutely despised it. I quickly swapped it away and then it was sent to me by a lovely subscriber recently (thank you, Lynn!), so I thought I’d give it another go. Either time has rounded out my rough edges or my tendency to quickly dismiss eyeshadows is waning because I REALLY like Paradisco, especially after sitting down to do these looks for it. (I still can’t figure out what possessed me to swap this away!) This shade is highly pigmented but requires a really great base and a couple layers to achieve that perfect wash of pinky orange, ideal for blue and green eyes. Excellent in terms of blendability, I have come to love Paradisco afterall.


15 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Paradisco

  1. I loooooove Paradisco. It’s one of my first mac shadows too!! Can I please ask you what other products and techniques did you use to get it such a vibrant colour? That’s the one issue that i have with this shadow. Xx

    1. Hi Kat! I used Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance as a base and applied Paradisco directly on it, without letting the base set like I normally do, so it was still wet. Then I applied about two layers of Paradisco with the #239 brush for the lid application; for the crease I used the Sigma E45 and applied a couple layers that way as well.

      You know – I don’t remember the first one I got being as pigmented as this one. I’m not sure if there’s such a thing as getting a dud from MAC, but I found the one I have now extremely easy to work with. Weird!

      Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. I also LOOOVE Paradisco! At first i was using wrong browns and my blending skills were awful and the resault it was all muddy….now as i have green eyes, it is just a wonderful colout to mix with browns, greens, blue, mauve…let your fantasy work out!

  3. Loving this eyeshadow! I wonder whether i could make it work on my eyes without them looking like i have an allergy though! 🙁 i guess i’d definitely have to try something like look #1 😉

    1. Yes, definitely! You may find you like it a lot used lightly in the crease.
      I wouldn’t recommend it on the lid if pinks generally give you an allergy-like look.

  4. Hi there! Have you had a chance to see the Daydreaming eyeshadow, the one from the Hayley Williams collection? How does it compare to Paradisco? I wonder if you think they are dupes, and which one you think is best…

    1. Hi,
      MAC’s Daydreaming eyeshadow is not really a dupe for Paradisco. Daydreaming is a darker coral-red with orange undertones. If your skin tone is fair or cool, Daydreaming may not be for you. If you have a fair/medium skin tone you may like Daydreaming. I would definitely go to a MAC store( if you can), and swatch it before you buy it.

      1. I took my chance and bought it on line, as there’s no MAC Store where I live. Great colour, it really suits me! Thank you for your help 🙂

  5. Paradisco was the first MAC shadow I bought. However as ‘Kat Edge’ suggests, I always found it hard to build up this colour, and to be honest it put me off buying any more MAC until recently.
    I use a sticky base over TFSI (one called Pixie Epoxy)… I find that this helps to bring out the colour and extend the wear time on these less pigmented MAC shadows.

  6. I tried to wear paradisco yesterday and the color kept fading. So I substituted MUG’s mango tango and it was so beautiful! I would say the MUG version is much more user friendly and long lasting.

  7. Hi. I was wondering if you could do a look that’s a little more smoky with paradisco, handwritten and whatever other colors may be appropriate.

    1. Thanks for the request. Sherry! Will keep this in mind for you in future updates! 😉
      Please check the ‘What’s New?’ section of the site for new additions!

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