Makeup Storage / Organization + Collection Tour

storageWhen I was first looking for organization ideas for my makeup, I could see I was in for a bit of a challenge.

The typical, run of the mill storage items sold for makeup weren’t ideal for me in the sense of they either were too big, not big enough or I didn’t have the space to house the unit. (We have VERY limited space in our home in terms of storage!) And honestly, I was looking for something custom tailored to my needs rather than some cookie cutter unit (it’s more fun that way, anyway!)

So, after about two months of research, time and energy, I came up with this solution that fits my storage needs perfectly. It’s not too big, nor too small and allows for a multitude of items to be stored neatly. Additionally, I also have room to grow with this type of set-up. I thought it might be helpful to share what I’ve done here just in case anyone else may be in the same boat. Pictures have been included for you below, but if you’d like an actual tour, you’re more than welcome to view the below video as well.

Organizational items shown in the video (click for the product):











21 thoughts on “Makeup Storage / Organization + Collection Tour

  1. Could your makeup collection be any more perfect? I absolutely love how neat it is and thank you so much for showing us your stash! 🙂

  2. How lovely Zabrena! Love the cabinet. Funny how much thought and work goes into organizing something so simple as our makeup and beauty products! My boys and husband just laugh at me. I think the linen cabinet is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Sandra! 🙂
      LOL They just don’t get us women!
      I always retort with ‘You don’t hear me telling you you have too many tools’
      Always shuts ’em up REAL fast! 😉

  3. Gah this is beautiful.

    Hilariously ironic that me and the BF got into an argument this morning because he fussed about my makeup taking up “too much space” on the dresser. He told me to “put it in a box.” This resulted in a 10 minute long tirade on the way to work about how it is just not THAT simple to PUT IT IN A BOX!!

    SIGH. Men.

    1. OK, forget about the makeup – would he like it any better if in addition to ditching your makeup you never exfoliated, or plucked those stray hairs from between your brows and on your lip, or shaved your armpits or legs (or even worse, your GASP! your BIKINI AREA! Cue Psycho music…)? We can arrange for those things too, dear. Ah. Yes, I thought so.

      Too bad for me that my hubby doesn’t CARE whether I wear makeup or not, and I’m sure would actually prefer that I didn’t because a) there’s nowhere to put it and it’s taking up space, b) it costs too much, c) it takes too long for me to get ready, d) I have enough hobbies or collections or whatever he thinks this is (and I buy more, and why can’t I use what I already have?). So I can’t use those on him. POUT. This is the same man who cannot understand what the big deal is because I bought Amber Lights weeks ago and before I could even USE it, I misplaced it. It’s gorgeous and it cost $15 and I’m NOT gonna go buy another, that’s what the big deal is!

      They have no idea how much we go through to maintain SELF ESTEEM. “You don’t have to wear makeup (or color my hair, or anything else which similarly changes our appearance) for me.” No, I do it for ME. My life is full of enough craziness. This is something I can control. It is something I can change. It is something that makes me feel better about myself if I’m having a crappy day at work or whatever. I love my husband dearly, but I just don’t think they get it.


      You know how I explain it?
      Female = XX
      Male = XY did you do that????

  4. Your make-up and beauty products are so beautifully organised! I love the cabinet that you have stored everything in – it looks so classy and sophisticated.

  5. Omg, you make it look so simple, I Really love this idea, its just perfect!
    Thanks a lot for sharing!
    (Love the kitties!)

  6. good job! you can tell a lot of thought and planning went into this organization solution/setup..and you have room to grow! thanks for showing us how you put it all together and the tour! that was so fun 🙂

  7. Organizational porn is right! You combined my two obsessions in this vid…makeup and organization…and have of course inspired me to go out and get my own enormous storage solution to fill with makeup goodies:P My husband has two tubas (if you can even imagine how much space that takes up in a 2-bedroom apt.) so don’t think he can complain to much about me taking up space..HA! Thanks again for the great ideas!!

    1. Haha!
      Wow! Two tubas?! Yeah, he definitely can’t say anything about your makeup storage ideas!!
      So happy to hear you found this helpful! 🙂

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