Spotlight On: MAC Folie

Finish: Satin / Reddish plum brown

Known Dupes: Twinks

Folie is a gorgeous red-purple shade ideal for warm complexions and blue or green eyes. I don’t normally go for Satin finishes from MAC, but I found Folie to be VERY easy to work with in terms of application and blending. I especially like to pair this color with pinks and purples; it even adds a bit of drama to a neutral look when placed in the crease or outer v. Folie is unique in that it changes its color dependent on what it’s paired with; I also like this color for the effortless smokey eye it creates.


23 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Folie

  1. I couldn’t wait to see the combos for Folie, since I bought that eyeshadow 2 weeks ago. I love all of the looks you have done with it! It truly is a versatile shade and it makes the green in my hazel eyes pop. 🙂

  2. I have this color, I’m now excited to try these color combinations.

    I’m a brown girl … NC 50, what color would you sub for rice paper? It’s not very complimentary on me as a lid color.

    1. Hmmm! You made me think, April! 😀
      Does Ricepaper draw too much contrast, or is it just the shade of yellow it puts out that you don’t like? I’d suggest something possibly like Nylon or Shroom if it’s the shade or Femme Fi (which is a less yellow version of Ricepaper) if it’s the color itself. However, Femme Fi is a limited edition shade; still available online though. Dazzlelight is another one you could consider as well. Have you tried Gorgeous Gold?

      1. Hey, thanks for the response!!
        Yes, it’s too yellow on me as a lid color. I typically use it as a highlight color.

        I’ll try the other colors that you suggested!

        I love your website as it gives great color combos and I can play around with my shadow and try different looks!!

        Thank you!!!

  3. Wondeful combos!
    I went last week to Mac counter and i buy MAc Vera pigments.I had done a look from here..the girls in counter called mein to their lamps light to see what colours i used and how i ever got this idea toput these colours together. i had to tell the truth, so i believe you will have some more fans!

  4. Hi Zabrena, I just discovered your site which I officially adore! I only hve Goldmine, Texture, Ricepaper, & Embark which make a stunning neutral look but I want to expand! Out of all your looks I keep coming back to this page, my question is this- what are your tips in defining the outer v as it appears in looks #1 & 2 here? Like what brush would you recommend to get that definition, or any techniques. I was a total tomboy my whole life raised by wolves (ahem, men I mean) and didn’t start wearing makeup til 18; didn’t get decent at it til about a year ago (I’m 22 now it’s about time!) I just cannot for the life of me master the outer v! Thanks so much dear I appreciate it 🙂 & you can definitely count me a fan now

    1. Hi Cayla!
      I’m so happy you’re enjoying the site – and welcome to you! 🙂

      For that outer v, I use a MAC #266 brush at an angle for the precise, defined look. Then I blend it using the MAC #217 in a circular motion, with a VERY light hand. I have a video tutorial that uses this technique mentioned available on the YouTube channel here, if you’re interested:

      If the link doesn’t come up, it’s the tutorial named ‘A Look for Hooded Eyes with MAC Nehru’. Hope that helps! 🙂

      I am the same as you! Wolves – LOL! I was raised by my dad and had no real woman influence for makeup and the like. He sent me to makeup classes in high school where I learned some really great stuff. Gotta love him for that. However, I really didn’t start doing it until like 5 years ago. So I feel ya!

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask! 🙂 And thank you for your support!

      1. Thanks you for your quick & helpful reply 🙂 I watched that video & I’m definitely going to give it another try tomorrow. I have a MAC 208 brow brush that I think should work, might be a little smaller/more stiff than the 263 or 266? I have a 224 I use for blending, will get the 217 someday when I have extra money. I am definitely willing to invest in a brush that helps me with the outer v though, I’ll see how the 208 works tomorrow but I have heard the MAC 219 pencil brush or the 275 angled shading brush work well for it, have you tried either of those for that purpose if you even own them? Just exploring my options, the 275 seems like it might be a little too thick/bulky but I like the idea of the 219

        1. Go for it, gal! 🙂
          I haven’t tried the 275, but I have tried the 219 and quickly got rid of it!
          I found the 219 to be scratchy and rough against the eyelids. Not a good brush at all. Sigma Beauty makes a better version in their E30 – a MUCH softer brush and half the price. If you’re looking for brushes of comparable quality to MAC, but at a better price point, I highly recommend Sigma’s brushes. If you haven’t seen the post on brushes, you’re more than welcome to check it out here:

          Hope that helps!
          P.S. I LOVE the 224 too!!

  5. I just ordered Folie and Haux and can’t wait to try out some of these looks. Looks #1, #3, and #4 are my favorites.

    1. You know, Corduroy is a close second to it, but with less red. Almost identical!
      You could also try Swiss Chocolate, but it’s a touch lighter than Folie. 🙂

      1. Thanks Z-unfortunately don’t have either, I just got Handwritten the other day. I am trying for look #1. I’m using Haux instead of Quarry (don’t have that either LOL) I thought I had a ton of Mac shadows, evidently not enough. What about Mulch is that close?

        1. LOL! You could most definitely use Mulch to recreate Look #1 in place of Folie. I think that would be beautiful as well!

          1. LOL-thanks-FYI-this is my neutral palette: Amber lights, antiqued, woodwinked, elite, romp, sable, mulch, bronze, texture, saddle, embark, haux, espresso, handwritten and diamond dove.

  6. I did look one tonight-I used Haux on lid, then used Lancome Backstage pass and darkened with Handwritten & blended & highlighted with Vanilla. Came out really nice. Topped it off with Mac Sophisto Lipstick. Thanks Z for your great looks.

    1. I had to look up Backstage Pass (haha! awesome shade!). That sounds like it is absolutely gorgeous, lady! Thanks for sharing that one! 🙂

      1. It is an awesome color and applies well. I have lots of Lancome, armani, and dior shadows back from when I worked and wore makeup every day. Still wear it on weekends and I am a makeup junkie from way back LOL. When I go out, I always look at your site to pick my look for the evening! thanks for all your hard work on this site.

  7. Stunning combinations, Zabrena! I love Folie eyeshadow, so I was really excited to see the looks using this shade. I particularly like Look #1 – I’ve never tried pairing it with Cranberry and Da Bling.

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