Spotlight On: MAC Sketch

Finish: Velvet / Burgundy with red shimmer

Known Dupes: Sorcery

If there is one eyeshadow I receive the most questions about, it is most certainly Sketch! Sketch was actually one of the very first eyeshadows I bought and I quickly swapped it away. I hated it for its inability to blend and I found it to be splotchy. My lack of experience back then truly shows, because it’s actually one I like now. I will say the right brushes and a light hand make all the difference in the world when it comes to working with Sketch. My favorite way to wear it is in the crease and outer v. When applied on the lid it appears splotchy and uneven (at least for me it did).


27 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Sketch

  1. love look #3-unfortunately other than Sketch & Shroom I don’t have the right shadows. Oh well I have used trax with sketch in the crease that looks pretty good.

    1. I bet that’s a beautiful combo too! I have yet to try Trax with Sketch but I may have to and add it onto this post! 🙂

          1. It must be a discontinued color. I’ll have to post a pic. By itself it wasn’t a nice color, but with shroom and sketch it was awesome. I have the color haux and it’s an orange-y tan color not in the purples at all. Lemme look thru my stash and see if I can find a dupe for Shag. Urban decay may have a similar color but the Shag I mentioned was a MAC color.

  2. I have Sketch but it just kind of sits there, now I have a reason to pull it out, look #6! But I don’t have Shale :(. what could be used in place of it?

    1. Alright! 😉 Hmmm, do you have Crystal? Crystal is stunning with Moth Brown and would look real good there too! A medium toned purple like that would look great, preferably a cool shade so as not to counteract with Moth Brown too much. Possibly something like Digit too, used lightly. 😉

  3. Oh wow, looks 3 & 6 are stunning! Cant wait to “play”with my eyesahdows again. Been so busy lately that I’ve been a little boring on the eyeshadow side!

  4. Well I gotta say I love MAC’s recycling program! I got a free eyeshadow today because of it! Guess which one, lol! Can’t wait it try Sketch!

  5. I really like look #8. Is there other ways I can use Sketch so it’s not so dramatic and gives a pop of color? I like some of the other looks but I feel like they are a bit too dramatic for me to attempt right now. Lol I’m stepping out of my neutral zone little by little. 🙂

  6. Yes! I find Sketch difficult to work with. A MAC artist recommended it in combo with Digit, Haux, and Shadowy Lady. Not a fan. I tried it again today with Haux, UD Sin, and Mylar, but found it so hard to blend. I need a new brush, methinks.

    Thanks for posting these. I’m not giving up on Sketch yet!

    1. I agree! Have you tried it on the outer half of the lid, adding a small amount and blending it from there? I’ve found that helps with it. Still a stubborn lil’ booger!

  7. Live the new post (#12) I have sketch and have always used it on the crease with trax on the lid. May try new posted combo for a less dramatic look. Thanks Z

  8. I wear Sketch nearly every weekday. A teeny bit of Dazzle light in the highest point of the brow one, Naked Lunch/Grain/Jest on lid, whatever in the crease (Nars Laguna/Wedge/Soft Brown/Haux/Quarry/Swiss Chocolate, Sable on the outer 1/3 of lid and up into crease and Sketch in the v. This single shadow has given me the kick I’ve been looking for since getting it.

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