Spotlight On: MAC Brown Down

Finish: Veluxe / Teddy bear brown

Known Dupes: Handwritten

Brown Down is a matte brown with high pigmentation. It’s one of the more neutral toned browns you’ll find in MAC’s wide array of browns, meaning it doesn’t truly lean red or blue, so it is suitable for both warm and cool complexions. I’ve had this for about two years now and I think I’ve used it twice before doing this post. Ha! This reminds me a lot of Handwritten (a touch lighter though), and I will admit I like Handwritten a lot better. I find Brown Down hard to work with in terms of blending. When I apply it to the crease or add too much to the outer v, it has proven to be a nightmare to blend away! I do like combos #1 and #2 and perhaps they will be the only reasons I keep it in my collection.

11 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Brown Down

  1. 1 and 2 are fabulous!!! Look four is nice too but definitely the first two are the standouts in this post :)soooooo since i don’t have this one, i can sub it with my uber-loved handwritten, right? 🙂

    1. I absolutely agree, Joanna! Sometimes there are nice combos where I’m like, “Eh, it might suit someone else” but 1 and 2 are my favorites too!
      I want to work more with it in the future – I was really kinda lost with this one – that hasn’t happened in a while!
      And yes – definitely sub with Handwritten – I definitely prefer it to Brown Down (much easier to work with!). 🙂

      1. If you prefer Handwritten to Brown Down, and Ground Brown is not as nice as Brown Down (ugh, thanks for the confusion of similar names with the same vowel sound, MAC!), is Handwritten essentially interchangeable for all three? If so, it seems that in your experience you would recommend just that one, is that a fair assumption?

        1. LOL! YEAH! Thanks, MAC! 😀
          Definitely; I feel Handwritten is the most versatile and easiest to work with out of those three shades and you really only need one, not all three 😉

  2. Oh wow i absolutely LOVE look 4 – it’s beautiful. I’m going to have to try this look soon for my green eyes 🙂

  3. I love Look #4 and it makes me wish I had Cranberry eyeshadow. What is the difference between Cranberry and Coppering? Coppering seems more red/orange and Cranberry leans more pink. But they’re both beautiful shades.

    1. Yep! Cranberry is more of a true pinky red while Coppering is a more brick red with orange tones – love them both!

  4. I love these looks. They are all beautiful! Now I want Samoa Silk. I will be trying look 1 on thursday for my new job orientation!

  5. This and Embark are so far the only Mac Brown I have. Brown Down is a Veluxe and not a Matte. Maybe that is the reason for being hard to work with?

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