Spotlight On: MAC Scene

Finish: Satin / Muted blue-grey

Scene is a dark gray that, in my opinion, tends to lean more purple than it does blue. I do feel this is a great gray shade for those ladies with cooler complexions. I found certain combinations hard to wear in this post, but I would like a few more times to play around with it to add more to this post in the future. I found it easier to apply this with a brush like the MAC #217 or 224 and build the color slowly. If you apply Scene with something like the 239, the color can appear splotchy and uneven, at least that was my experience. I’m not sold on this shade yet, but #1 and #4 make me definitely want to try more combos with it!

Look #1

MAC eyeshadows used:

  • Scene (on lid, below crease)
  • Kid (crease)
  • Typographic (lower lashline)
  • Bisque (blend)

16 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Scene

  1. Oh my I was debating whether or not I needed to add scene to my blues and greys mac palette. After seeing this post the answer is obvious…YES!!!!!! Wowzers these looks are off the chain Z! They are all different but beautiful. At a glance I almost thought look #1 had satin taupe but no. Amazing. Adding to shopping list. I am sure copperplate, typographic, electra and knight devine will agree! Great job as usual Z!

    1. Haha! More awesome grays I love! You will love Copperplate!

      I didn’t like Scene on myself, but with your coloring, it will be HAWT!!

  2. Look #2 is just incredible, I love it. I’ll never know how you come up with all these different looks but I’m so glad you do because I get a lot of compliments on my eyeshadow now.

  3. Love looks 2 & 4! Beautiful job Zabrena! I don’t have Scene, but could I use Copperplate or Knight Divine for look 4? Thanks Zabrena for more beautiful, creative looks! Love that you used Digit! I’ve been using Digit a lot lately. I really like it. I can’t wait for the Digit Spotlight! 🙂

    1. Hi Karah!
      You could definitely use Knight Divine in look #3 – I think it’d be divine! Haha! (Okay, bad pun, bad pun :))

      I am SO looking forward to working with Digit this weekend!

  4. So happy to see a ‘Spotlight on Scene’ post – it’s one of my favourite MAC eyeshadows :o) !

    I especially love putting Da Bling on the lid, Scene in the crease and Vanilla as a highlight. It gives a really sophisticated, classic eye. I also like using either Sky Blue, Star Violet or UD Last Call on the lid with Scene in the crease – so pretty.

  5. I love look #3, gorgeous! I was wondering, do you own the colors omega or bamboo? If so, I’d love to see a look with with either of them.

    1. Hi! Thanks! I don’t own Omega, but I did have Bamboo at one point – I swapped it away! May have to get it again though. It was one of my first purchases and for some reason I despised it; probably because I didn’t know how to use it! Ha!

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