MAC Dupes for Urban Decay’s Naked1 Palette


After using the Naked1 palette for a while now, I’ve come to realize how truly dupe-able it is with many of the eyeshadows found within MAC’s permanent collection.

I understand there are LE shades that may also be suitable dupes for the shades found within this palette, but I’m sticking to the permanent collection only, so these will be readily available to everyone.

If you don’t have the Naked1 palette, but you like a LOT of looks that have been done with it, then this post is for YOU!

UD Virgin = MAC Shroom

These two are really identical in a side by side comparison, as well as the swatch. Basically, it’s a light shimmery shade suitable for the lid or highlighting or blending. I don’t really care for Shroom myself, or Virgin, (not really one for a shimmery brow!) but given the pick between the two I suppose I like Virgin better.

(L to R) MAC Shroom, UD Virgin

UD Sin = MAC Naked Lunch

Again, one is VERY much like the other. This is really just a nice light pink-leaning shade that has a LOT of pigmentation, comparable in quality to its MAC dupes. Although it’s not pictured, another suitable dupe for UD’s Sin is MAC Jest.

(L to R) MAC Naked Lunch, UD Sin

UD Naked = MAC Kid

This shade is probably my MOST favorite in the Naked palette because it provides such a neutral slate for many of the other colors found within the palette. I also feel this way about MAC Kid, and guess what?! Dupe! Identical dupe. Like Kid, Naked is also very easy to blend, apply and has a great amount of pigmentation. If you have one, you definitely don’t need the other.

(L to R) MAC Kid, UD Naked

UD Sidecar = MAC All That Glitters

Out of the two of these, I feel like All That Glitters is far more pigmented and much less glitter packed than Sidecar. I like Sidecar and have created some great combos with it, but the overkill of glitter Urban Decay seems to pride themselves on putting in their eyeshadows turns me off at the end of the day when it’s on my cheeks.

(L to R) MAC All That Glitters, UD Sidecar

UD Buck = MAC Cork

Nearly the same! Cork is slightly darker than Buck but both are the same in application, consistency, blendability and lasting power.

(L to R) MAC Cork, UD Buck

UD Half Baked = MAC Woodwinked

Although not exact dupes of one another, this is the closest you will come in MAC’s permanent collection. Woodwinked is slightly darker and pulls more brown, whereas Half Baked is a true golden, leaning more yellow shade. I love Half Baked and it was one of my main “convincing myself to buy it” points.

(L to R) MAC Woodwinked, UD Half Baked

UD Smog = MAC Tempting

In this instance, Tempting is actually lighter than Smog by a smidge. Smog does tend to pull more glitter than Tempting. Compared side by side with one another in the pan and on the hand, these are next to near identical.

(L to R) MAC Tempting, UD Smog

UD Darkhorse = MAC Mystery + Greensmoke + Bronze

Out of the entire Naked palette, Darkhorse is the one shade that is the hardest to find an exact dupe for; in fact, there really is nothing quite like it in MAC’s collection. To get an exact color, I ended up having to mix together Mystery, Bronze and Greensmoke. Only then was I able to get a nearly identical color to Darkhorse. However, it’d probably be cheaper just to buy Darkhorse separately unless you already own all three of these MAC shades.

(L to R) MAC Mystery + Greensmoke + Bronze, UD Darkhorse

UD Toasted = MAC Sable

I don’t know about you, but when I first saw Toasted in the Naked palette I thought it was going to be more of a pink shade than what it turned out to be – a dupe for Sable. Again, I feel Sable is a tad darker than Toasted, but basically the same shade color, consistency and formula wise.

(L to R) MAC Sable, UD Toasted

UD Hustle = MAC Satin Taupe

Satin Taupe is a little bit lighter than Hustle, but it makes for a really great replacement for this gray-leaning neutral shade. Hustle is very pigmented and easy to work with, much like Satin Taupe. If you are a MAC lover, Satin Taupe should already be a permanent fixture in your collection! πŸ™‚

(L to R) MAC Satin Taupe, UD Hustle

UD Creep = MAC Black Tied

Creep is really nothing more than a black shade with a subtle amount of silver glitter added into the formula, a true dupe for Black Tied. Between the two of these, I like Black Tied MUCH more and actually will go out of my way to use it in place of Creep if I want to add black to a look. Why? Black Tied is MUCH more pigmented than Creep and I find Creep fades quickly throughout the day, whereas Black Tied holds its power long and strong!

(L to R) MAC Black Tied, UD Creep

UD Gunmetal = MAC Knight Divine

Completely identical in color, but I feel there is a difference in consistency between these two. Gunmetal is richer in pigmentation and “thicker” in color, if that makes sense. I feel like I need to build Knight Divine when I apply it, whereas Gunmetal just applies so nicely in one swipe. Between these two, I actually prefer Gunmetal.

(L to R) MAC Knight Divine, UD Gunmetal

47 thoughts on “MAC Dupes for Urban Decay’s Naked1 Palette

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this, Zabrena! I actually can’t wear Woodwinked (it just goes too orange on me, especially if I try to blend it out), but Half-Baked is wonderful for me. I wish Sidecar was easier to wear but it’s a glitter nightmare which is a shame because otherwise, it would probably be my favourite colour in the palette. Thanks for the great information.

    1. You’re quite welcome, Mariella! I’m happy you found it helpful! I actually like Half Baked more than WW too – it’s just such a beautiful color! Ugh, Sidecar IS a nightmare!

      1. Have you ever tried Maui Wowie? It’s the most beautiful colour and it’s unique – I’ve never found anything quite like it but it’s almost unwearable because of the glitter fallout. I bought a Sephora glitter “applicator” – not really a brush but a silicone “triangle” that does help to apply it better but doesn’t stop the glitter from sprinkling down as the day progresses. I need to try TF Glitter Glue, perhaps (though I’ve read that base makes shadows hard to blend; I did get a sample of it once but it dried up before I could put it to the test). I wonder why UD persists with these glittery shadows where the glitter falls everywhere. Maybe they can’t get quite the same colour without the glitter but still…some shades, I simply can’t even use. Sidecar, sadly, is one of them. But Maui Wowie is worse. And Midnight Cowboy Rides Again is the worst of all!

        1. YES! Beautiful color! That is one I own. I did a combo with it in the ‘UD Freelove’ post in the UD Directory. It reminds me SO much of Patina for some reason, but without the green-leaning tendency. That is one I want to use my eyeshadow transformer with to see if it helps to eliminate the fallout. That eyeshadow transformer is something else! It has held together pigments I’ve struggled with before, so I’m sure it’ll work wonders with some of the UD eyeshadows! Ugh, Midnight Cowboy – what a disaster, you’re right!

          1. Great info Zabrena. I’m really kind of disappointed in UD’s eyeshadows. They have some nice ones ,but in the end most of them can be duped by MAC. They have too much glitter in them ,and in the end are too expensive. I don’t mind spending a little extra on something that’s worth it ,but I just don’t think most of there shadows are worth it.

          2. Zabrena, have you tried using eyeshadow transformer with Maui Wowie yet? I agree that it is a beautiful shade but there is way too much glitter fallout to enjoy using it. I cannot find the eyeshadow transformer to save my life. I’ve tried multiple Rite Aids with no success. However, during one visit to Sephora one of the MAs showed me how to use All-Nighter on the brush before picking up MCRA and it seemed to work; I’ll have to try it myself. I imagine Fix + could be used the same way.

          3. Yes! You can use the UD spray or MAC’s version in the same way; it’ll bring the same effect as an eyeshadow transformer.
            If you moisten Maui Wowie, it becomes very easy to work with and doesn’t fall out, at least with a transformer it doesn’t.
            I haven’t tried it with the other two sprays, but imagine it would work the same. Sometimes if an eyeshadow has heavier glitter content though, you’ll need to realllly moisten it up with the medium you’re using.

      1. Yes! This is what I was talking about in my previous comment, only I saw it demonstrated on the brush itself and not sprayed on.

  2. Hi Zabrena,
    Thanks for this! I bought the Naked Palette but returned it cos I found the dupes amongst my Mac shades. However, if you have the time or the inclination, do check out the new UD Smoked Palette, t’s really nice! (PS: not an advert for UD, I just really like the palette!).
    Orela x

  3. Hey Zabrena! Great dupes! I was actually considering buying a few of these mac shades, but being I have the Naked palettes I am going to incoperate them with my my Mac shade to see if I like them enough to buy. I’m a bit of a Mac snob at the moment. LOL Oh and I wanted to share a website I came across searching online one day. They have alot of urban decay stuff for cheap. Also they have mac and alot of other brands. Its worth checking out.

      1. Great dupe list, after trying Naked in the store and seeing how crumbly they are, I’m gonna stick with mac. This gives me the confidence that I’m not missing anything, I can get the dupes!

        On another note, beware of sites like the one above, a LOT of fake Mac, Smashbox, Urban Decay etc is being produced in China and you don’t know if the products have been properly tested or are safe for your eye area!! That goes for ebay too, LOTS of fakes it’s incredible.

  4. I love this Zabrena! It will save me some money too. Would you be able to do this same thing with the Naked 2 Palette? I don’t have it but probably have some Mac dupes for it. Thank you!

    1. Hi! Yep! The Naked2 MAC Dupes is scheduled for posting the first week of September. πŸ™‚ I’m so happy you found this helpful!

      1. Thank you, Zabrena! I’ll look forward to seeing it and hope that I have enough of the dupes that I won’t need to buy the Naked 2 palette.

  5. In 2007 MAC came out with an LE colour called Saturnal – it looks like it would be a great dupe for Darkhorse.

    Thanks for this posting, Zabrena. I have every one of the MAC dupes, so I don’t need to buy the Naked I palette. (I own Naked2, which I love!).

  6. Great post! I found this really helpful, as I have the Naked palette =) I really want to get some Mac shadows as well, but can`t really afford more make up at the moment. This post made me realize I dont really need more eyeshadows =) Great swatches as well!

  7. It is so hard to find great matte colors in quality shadow lines. I am mid 40s and already getting the crepey eyelid thing going~sigh. So no more satins or frosts for me!! So now I find what looks best for me is to do the natural look in matte and use a pretty liner to smudge and jazz it up a bit. I wanted to buy Urban Decay “Naked” shade in the single eyeshadow but it was sold out locally so I was pleased to find your site and see the MAC dupes on the UD Naked palette. So I went to MAC and purchased the “Kid” instead. When I got home and tried it on I found it is way more pink/red toned than the Naked is. It gave my eyes the look of my eyelids being inflamed or irritated by something. Not natural looking. Days later I found an Ulta nearby and purchased the “Naked” single shadow and swatched it myself. Nope, not a dupe. Close, maybe, but not a dupe. Now I need to find someone who wants a MAC Kid.
    I will say you were right about the MAC Cork duping UD Buck.

    1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


      I’m sorry to hear Kid didn’t work for you.
      It could be attributed to your undertone color too; sometimes certain shades look different from one person to another due to unique undertone colors.

  8. Ha! I love ur blog and I love this post! In this case, u helped me find great dupes for mac shadows because I have the naked palette lol. Thanks!

  9. This is so great! Thank you for taking the time to do this. You just saved me a ton of money. I already have all the MAC dupes so no need to buy the palette now. Thanks a bunch!!!!

  10. You are one word:Amazing! I’m a NYC girl born and bred I love your accent and wonderful demeanor. I started wearing make up late in my 30’s. in my early 40’s your combo’s are so sophisticated and playful, depending on the mood or occasion. I truly appreciate these dupes. I have the Naked palette and can substitute some colors without feeling I have to go out right away and buy the MAC shadows. Thank you keep up the great work!!!

  11. So happy I read this today! Was about to go purchase this tomorrow and will stick with my MAC shades. Definitely do not feel the need to buy this on top of my current MAC shades. Thank you!

  12. Thank you so much for this! I already have the Naked and Naked Basics palettes, now i’m starting to build my first Mac Pro Palette and I don’t want to repurchase colors that I already have.

  13. This is awesome, thank you for doing it! I love that there’s such a close dupe of Satin Taupe in there! Are you planning to do this for Naked 3 too? If not, could you please do it? πŸ™‚

  14. You’re amazing for posting this. I have just discovered that I have a few of these shades in MAC already…. time to organize my makeup :S

    Thanks, Z! xo

  15. Wow this is so helpful! Thank you! I just went through this list and realized that between the MAC dupes and UD singles, I own six of the colors already, (counting UD Oil Slick, which I think will be a dupe for Creep, or close enough) so would be much better off getting the Naked 3 palette.

  16. Zabrena, l have found another Mac dupe for Gunmetel. Mac diesel, a limited edition but currently available. Diesel looks darker in the pan but when l swatched it was a match.

    1. Thank you for adding that one, Lisa! πŸ™‚ When I was looking at Diesel that’s exactly what I thought it would be, so I appreciate you confirming that! πŸ˜€

  17. Thanks for this post, it’s really helpful!! I have a follow up question. I just recently purchased the Naked palette, it hasn’t even arrived to my house yet so I still have time to return it. I already own Smog, Half Baked, and Gunmetal from the UD Vegan palette I got from allcosmeticswholesale and I have Virgin in the Naked Basics palette. So that leaves me with 8 unique colors in the Naked palette. Of those 8, I’m too dark to use Naked and I will probably never use Creep (just b/c I rarely have a reason for such a bold eye). So that leaves me with 6 colors of which I will use or not have duplicates. My question is, would it make more sense for me to buy the MAC dupes in the 6 shades? If I consider that I’m paying close to $60 for 6 useable shades in the Naked palette, I was thinking it may make more sense just to get the colors I’m missing from Mac. Especially since I mainly wear makeup to work and i keep reading/hearing about how UD can be too sparkly. Any thoughts on this? I know it seems trivial but I want to do what makes sense financially.

    1. Hi! Hmm! That’s a tough question. Since it looks like you’d be spending $60 either way, whether you go with MAC or the Naked palette, the only question you would need to consider at this point is whether or not you want something compact and travel-friendly, or if that’s not something important to you. If you get the MAC eyeshadows, they’re harder to travel with and can break more easily, whereas the Naked palette is very robust and travels quite well. If that doesn’t matter to you, then it sounds like the MAC eyeshadows may be what’s right for you since you wouldn’t be using 2 of the shades in the palette and you already have the others. πŸ™‚

      1. Funny you say that, I thought that same thing last night!! Good to know my logic isn’t flawed. Still gotta do some thinking. Decisions, decisions, lol. Thanks for the quick response!! Have a good day!!

  18. Hi Zabrena, this post was very helpful! I never actually realized this. Its such a save on bucks too! Thank you sooo much! Do you think you could do that for the other Naked palettes too? Love your blog! Keep it up πŸ™‚

    1. Hiya! I have! πŸ™‚
      You’re welcome to find them at the top menu of the website; hover over where it says ‘Index’ and then click on ‘Dupes’ and you should find Naked2 and Naked3 there also. Enjoy! πŸ˜€

  19. I’m a little late to the party and just came across this post, which was super helpful! I just bought Naked 3 and was wondering if the other two were worth buying even though I have a pretty extensive MAC collection.

    Based on how the swatches appear on the screen, it looks like some of the MAC dupes for Naked 1 and 2 may be closer matches if used over MAC’s bare study. In my experience, bare study lightens the color slightly and brings out a more shimmery look to the eyeshadows, which looks to be the difference in some of the shades. Might be worth a try.

    Thanks again for posting this!

  20. Hi,

    Thanks for the review. Very useful πŸ™‚

    I’d just like to comment that in my part of the world, as much as I like to entertain the idea of buying single shades to replace the ones used, it costs $44 just for one Mac. Which is a shame, cos Urban decay Naked palette is approx $90, so even if I like Mac better, I’d be stupid not to buy the UD palettes. Oh yeah, and Mac palettes at $260!

    Sigh. Oh well!

  21. I am wondering what the dupe is for UD Hustle? I want to purchase a single eyeshadow in this shade, but i don’t think UD sells it. Thanks!

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