Spotlight On: MAC Brun

Finish: Satin / Muted blackish-brown

Known Dupes: Mystery, UD Busted

Brun is a simple, neutral, muddy, dark brown shade; it’s actually almost black. It left me thinking, “Oh would you just make up your mind as to which color you want to be!” Ha! Unfortunately, Mystery is also and Brun is an exact dupe for Mystery (to see the two compared, click here). I personally prefer Mystery as I found Brun hard to work with in terms of blending. If you’re applying Brun to the crease in a look, use a small amount and apply it with a fluffier brush so it’s easier to blend away. For the combinations I created for this post, I stuck to placing it on the lid, as I liked it better there anyway (personal preference!). I didn’t personally like this color more than likely because I like a little something extra added into my brown shades, like pink, purple or red undertones. Therefore, it stands to reason if you have a cool complexion, Brun may just be the perfect dark brown for you!

8 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Brun

  1. I especially like looks 2 & 4. I don’t have Mystery so I’ll be using Brun. Any dupe for Cork? don’t have it and not buying it anytime soon. thanks Z

    1. I like Mystery MUCH better, so no great loss there hun! πŸ™‚ For Cork, something like Soft Brown, Saddle, Soba, or Kid would work nicely.

    2. if you have Urban Decay’s Naked 1 palette, either Naked or Buck can also sub for Cork and in the WnW Vanity palette, on the left side, there’s a good substitute also (I nearly bought Cork some years ago but it was too orange for me and so I’ve made use of dupes ever since – the WnW one is great and so inexpensive…but discontinued now, unfortunately).

  2. I’ve been considering brun, mystery and charcoal brown. Now brun is out. Are charcoal brown and mystery close enough so that I only buy one? If yes, which one.

    1. Hi Elsie!
      Yep! Chocolate Brown is about two shades lighter than Mystery, but it is one you can skip if you don’t want a plethora of browns. πŸ™‚

  3. Brun is one of my earliest MAC shadows (I bought it to use in place of Espresso, which is a matte finish and those are even trickier to work with). But it’s good to know I don’t also need Mystery. I love all of these and will be pulling out Brun to try some of these looks once the weather cools a bit.

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