Spotlight On: MAC Beauty Marked

Finish: Velvet / Black-red with sparkle pearl

Known Dupes: Deep Damson

Beauty Marked is actually quite unique in that it molds itself to whatever combination you decide to put it in. I noticed when I paired it up with shades like Cranberry, its red tones became more noticeable and with more gray combos (like #1) it turned darker. I was extremely hesitant about this shade after reading all the bad reviews on it, but I have been pleasantly surprised with it! If you do plan to apply it to the crease, apply it with a brush like the MAC 286; the fluffier the brush, the lighter the application, and the easier you’ll make it on yourself to blend it away. If you’re looking for a dynamic way to spice up your smokey eye looks, Beauty Marked may just be the one for you.

18 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Beauty Marked

  1. These looks are gorgeous, as usual, Zabrena! I was thinking “maybe I’ll buy Beauty Marked in spite of the luke-warm reviews” and then I realized I’ve got 2 dupes – in Wet n Wild’s Vanity palette and also in NYX’s Lake Moss palette (the reason why I bought that palette in the first place) so I think I’ll make do with the dupes for now but give a few of these looks a try. Love #1 and #6 especially.

  2. Really pretty looks!

    Do you find that the sparkle in Beauty Marked shows up on the eyes in real-life, Zabrena? I’ve often looked at Beauty Marked when I’ve been at the MAC counter as I love the sparkle in the colour but I’m not sure how much this transfers to the lid and if it just looks black when it’s applied.

    1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


      Hi Saira!
      If you apply it alone, they will fall off, but if you mix it with an eyeshadow transformer or MAC’s Fix+ spray, the sparkles will stay put!
      It’s real beautiful when applied like that. 🙂

  3. Looking at these pics again last night, I dug out (quite literally) my Beauty Marked dupe to use in the outer V and darken the shadow I’d been wearing all day (we were going out for a late night “date”) and I was really pleased with the results.

    1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


      Haha! Awesome!! I love how adding just a little bit of that color to the outer corner really helps to bring the whole look together!

  4. I am finally catching up on your newer posts and my goodness this one just blows me away. WOW! Beauty Marked is another one of my first MAC purchases and I have loved it for many years. You just reinvented the wheel though for my combos. GORG. Thank you!

  5. Sandra C Patenaude


    Love these Zabrena! This requires so much work and love on your part! To create all these looks! Dream job! LOL! Sandra

  6. Hi Zabrena. I haven been soooo obsessed with your website. You are a true artist!!! Thanks for making our lives so much more fun. I was looking at the Mac Store and there is no more Idyllic Paint Pot. Can you offer another suggestion in its place? Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Adriana!
      Aw! Thank you for the awesome compliments! I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying the website! 🙂
      For Idyllic, if I remember correctly there is a Maybelline Color Tattoo Paint Pot that’s a dupe for it, something with ‘Pomegranate’ in the name or something like that. It’s the closest I’ve ever seen for it! 😉

  7. I have bought Beauty marked and I am very disappointed. It is just bad eyeshadow. When you use it dry it is just gray -black. It is guite good black eyeshadow without sparkles. When You use it with wet brush it is a little better – sparkles are visible but it is still very dark. Anyway its the worst MAC eyeshadow I have. I have Urban Decay Twice baked with similar sparkles but brown and it is much better. Buy it – if You need black eyeshadow.

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