Spotlight On: MAC Malt

Finish: Matte / Soft pinkish-beige

Known Dupes: Kid, UD Laced

Okay you neutral fans, let me first start by saying that Malt and Kid are extremely similar to one another. If you’re trying to decide between the two, go for Malt if you have a warm complexion (yellow undertones) and stick with Kid if you have a cool complexion (pink undertones). Malt is so incredibly easy to work with, it pairs nicely with a variety of colors in MAC’s collection and it creates beautiful, seamless transitions. I thought about swapping this one away based purely on the fact that I already own Kid, but I LOVE it so much, I must keep it! Ha! I find pairing this with pink eyeshadows and using it to tone down brighter ones (like Plum Dressing in look #4) is the way to go.

Look #1

MAC eyeshadows used:

  • Rose PRO (inner half of lid)
  • Swiss Chocolate (outer half of lid)
  • Malt (crease)
  • Orb (blend)

18 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Malt

  1. Hi Zabrena! So glad I found your website! It’s given me so many wonderful combos to do and lots of good tips, so thank you. Just wondering if there is another eye shadow I could use instead of Tissueweight that is simular to it in Look #9. I really like the look of it. Thanks!

    1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


      Hi Robyn!
      Welcome to you! That’s awesome! I’m so happy you’re here and you’re finding everything to your liking 🙂
      You could most definitely substitute Jete or Jest in place of Tissueweight; all three are incredibly similar. Hope that helps! You’ll love that look!

      1. Thanks Zabrena! I’ve been using a lot of different combos and really like the results!! Can you suggest a dupe for Femme Fi or similar color I can use? I don’t have that LE as I only recently began using more MAC eye shadows.

        1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


          Not a problem! Femme Fi’s dupe in the perm line is Ricepaper. 🙂
          I’m putting together a post for the second week of February that will compare a LOT of LE shades to dupes in the perm collection and Femme Fi will be swatched beside Ricepaper so you will be able to see how similar they are. 🙂
          Glad you’re enjoying!!

  2. Look 4 is beautiful! 🙂 Plum dressing and Hepcat are dupes but Hepcat is a bit cooler toned. A little better for ladies that are cool toned.

  3. Zabrena,

    If you had to pick only one to use to blend out shadows which would you pick Malt, Blanc Type or Bisque? I hate to buy all 3. Also what type of brush do you use to put c\shadow under the eye? It is so thin.


    1. Hi Mel! 🙂
      Ouu, tough decision! Well, we can eliminate Bisque as MAC discontinued that one (boo!), so I’d have to go with Blanc Type. It’s not really comparable to Malt though, unless you have a little bit darker complexion to me, and then Malt might be your perfect blending shade. Looks like you’re more my complexion based on your beautiful pic though 😉 You could justify getting both, as they are very different from one another and deliver beautiful results. Malt is my most favorite crease color. I use the MAC 263 brush for applying eyeshadow on the lower lashline; works like a charm! Hope this helps!

  4. In experimentation, I discovered Malt is really pretty on the lid with Sable in the crease. I never thought to put Malt on the lid, but I saw a youtube video that made it look soft and pretty for an interview option. Thank Zabrena for all your hard work you do for us!

  5. “Malt if you have a warm complexion (yellow undertones) and stick with Kid if you have a cool complexion (pink undertones)”

    warm complexion = yellow undertones ?

    1. Hi Lisa!
      You could use any dark green there, really. Hmm, Club, Humid – not exact in the deep shade you see with B&C, but you could sub with those too! 😉

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