Spotlight On: MAC Omega

Finish: Matte / Soft muted beige-taupe

Omega is a medium taupe shade with an extremely cooperative matte finish. It reminds me a lot of Cork, but a much cooler version of the more warmed up Cork. If you’ve experienced issues with Cork, give Omega a try. When I first got this I’ll admit I wasn’t thrilled, as I’ not a huge neutrals fan. In my eyes, if you’ve seen one brown, you’ve really seen them all. This is perfect in the crease, and like Kid or Wedge, it helps to tone down any brighter colors placed on the lid. This also creates an effortless smokey eye when used on the lid (I do like the effect created with the paint pot in look #1). Many women love Omega as a brow filler too so if you’re of more of a medium complexion, try it out! I will say Omega is not unique or un-dupeable; if you already own Kid or Wedge it’s safe to say you can pretty much skip Omega.

7 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Omega

  1. Very nice on you Zabrena, but not my cup of tea. 🙂 It’s seems like there are so many brown shades like this. I hope you and your hubby are safe and well from the hurricane. 🙂

    1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


      I completely understand that!
      You’re right – Omega is very easily dupeable with something like Kid or even Wedge.
      It’s definitely not one to run out and get!

  2. I love Omega – it’s such a workhorse shade and, for my colouring, it is so much better than Wedge (which I bought because everyone seemed to rave about it). I wish I’d got Kid instead of Wedge. I recently got Inglot 349 and it’s very like Omega but even better. All these looks you’ve done are so lovely, Zabrena, and all are so wearable for any situation.

  3. I use omega to “cool down” really warm shades. For example, woodwinked becomes very orangey on me when I try to blend it out in the crease. To counteract that, I just pop some omega into my crease and it looks great.

  4. Omega was recommended by me by a Mac rep, LONG (Im talking years!) before I found this site. Yet I tired of it very quickly (didn’t know what to do with it, other than originally using it as a light shade all over the eye). I now have learned a LOT more about how to apply eyeshadow thanks to finding Zabrena on YouTube, and now this site, haha, so I’m going to work with this shade more…AND you’re right, it’s a great eyebrow filler for me! Thanks for re-introducing me to this shade!

    1. YAY!! 😀
      I’m so glad this post has helped re-inspire you! I will have to do more looks with it to bulk up this post some more. 😉 So happy you’re here, Peggy! Thank you for your kind words!!

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