Spotlight On: MAC Coquette

Finish: Satin / Muted grayish-taupe

Ah, another neutral shade! Despite its Satin finish (one I normally can’t stand!), I found Coquette easy to apply, but a semi-pain to blend away. It’s subtle but adding it to the crease, or dusting it onto the lid truly does pull the entire look together nicely. What I will say about it in terms of blending is to be careful with the amount of highlight color you apply to blend it away. I found Blanc Type and Bisque to be the best shades for a seamless transition, but with a small amount on the brush. Otherwise, it becomes a muddy mess! One thing I noticed with this eyeshadow is its green-leaning tendency, which makes it ideal for green eyeshadow combos (see looks 3 and 5 – I do love #3!). I’m not sure if Coquette is one I will end up keeping simply because I have SO many brown shades already (and I could easily use another brown I love in its place).

Look #1

MAC eyeshadows used:

  • Vanilla (inner half of lid)
  • Coquette (outer half of lid)
  • Quarry (crease)
  • Vanilla (blend)
  • Shroom (highlight brow bone)

31 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Coquette

  1. Wow! I love all these looks (not surprising since I really love Coquette) but #3 and 5 are absolute stunners. Not surprising since they include Moonlight Night and Bows and Curtsies.

    1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


      Haha! They are definitely YOUR colors, Mariella! 😀 When I used Moonlight Night I said, ‘Oh, Mariella is gonna LOVE this one!’ I haven’t used it in so long, I forgot how much I love it!

      1. Well, it can be so messy (but it’s so beautiful). I got the Tarte jumbo pencil holiday set the other day (did I already tell you this?) and there is a shade called Rainforest Black that is very much like Moonlight Night except it’s not going to fall all over your face!

        1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


          Yeah you did! Stop that! 😉 LOL! 😀 I’ve seriously got to stop! Ha! That sounds lovely though – all the color, none of the fallout . . . hmmm!

          1. (Sopranos voice on) Eh…look who’s tawkin’! Do you know how many shadows I’ve purchased because of you (not counting the TWO now that are sold out – I want Indian Ink now because of you – and which I’m waiting to be restocked!) I guess we’re each as bad as the other but hey, we’re all lovers of eye shadow specifically and makeup generally!

          2. My Eyeshadow Consultant

            LMAO! That made me laugh out loud! Haha! Yes, very true! That reminds me – I gotta go compare Indian Ink to the Romantic Palette for you! 😉

  2. I SO needed to know what to do with Coquette eye shadow and now I know!! It’s not easy to use it but you just changed that.
    Thank you for a wonderful review.

    1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


      Oh YAY! So happy to hear that!! 😀
      I tell ya, I can COMPLETELY empathize with you on not knowing what to do with this one! I started this post last Monday and each day tried creating a new combo. It wasn’t easy, for sure, but I knew if I sat down to do it all in one day, it’d have been major pressure! So, I’m thrilled to hear it helped you, B!

  3. It looks like you used a very soft hand while using Coquette. I think you probably know me well enough that I’m not a big fan of browns. I do like looks 3 & 5. The pigments look beautiful and Sumptuous Olive is so pretty, but honestly I’m not going to buy this one. Again it’s one of the browns that really don’t stand out to me. If you had some issues with it, I would have major problems! Lol! I’m happy Mariella and other ladies like it though. 🙂 I wish you the best Mariella on waiting for Mac to restock Indian Ink LE. I wish they would! Zabrena, what are some of your favorite shades to wear with Sumptuous Olive? I saw the spotlight ,but I’m always looking for new options. Thanks! 🙂

    1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


      YES! I first applied it dark when I was trying it out and realized how difficult it was to blend out when you apply too much, so I backed off with it . . . a LOT! LOL!

      I don’t blame you for not buying this one; I’m putting it up for swaps as we speak! Ha!

      Now that I have the new camera and I’m not worried about light anymore (YAY!), I’m going to start going back to the old posts and redoing pictures and adding new combos, so I’ll keep Sumptuous Olive in mind for you as I’m doing updates. When I wear it, I almost ALWAYS pair it up with either Motif or Star Violet in the crease – those are my two FAVORITE combos with it!

    2. Karah, I don’t think Indian Ink is LE – it’s a Pro colour and as far as I know, those are going to be available now online as well as at MAC Pro stores. Zabrena has a “Spotlight On” Sumptuous Olive. If you go to the MAC Eyeshadow Directory at the top of the page, you’ll find it listed under the “Greens” and you will see some wonderful looks there.

      1. Mariella,
        Indian Ink was an LE shade until they brought it back in Oct. So, you can buy it on MAC’s website as a Pro Palette refill pan for 12.00US.
        Thanks for reminding me of The Sumptuous Olive Spotlight. I was just looking at it earlier today. I just wanted to ask Zabrena if their where any other favorite shades she likes to wear with it.

  4. I have hazel/green eyes. I’ve been using Woodwinked on the lid and Coquette in the crease with Vanilla under the brow. Its a beautiful and striking combination, these two shades really complement each other perfectly.

      1. I haven’t played with this color for awhile but decided it was time to start expermenting again and discovered I love this color again! It is really hard to blend but looks really pretty with rose pigment on my brown eyes

  5. I am very glad to see this as Coquette is very similar to (the now discontinued) Flourishing from the Matte2 collection, which I own but have been unable to pair with anything since I got it. Flourishing is also a greyish green, a little greener than Coquette but when swatched on my hand was extremely similar. I’ll try the Haux combo with Flourishing tomorrow!

  6. I love all you do with these eyeshadows. It makes my day so much simpler. What is comparable to moonlight night pigment…. Is it a blue color? Love the looks with green. so beautiful!

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      You make me grin ear to ear to hear that!
      Moonlight Night is a hard one to dupe, unfortunately.
      The only eyeshadow I could possibly compare it to would be Urban Decay’s Loaded, but it’s not an exact dupe.

  7. I have this one and everyone is mentioning look 5-however I don’t see a look 5. Is it now known as look 4 or is look 5 gone forever?

      1. Okay-good-I did look 4 tonight, love it and used a deep green gel liner along bottom lash line. Came out darn good if I say so myself. Thanks Z

        1. Oh awesome! Which deep green gel eyeliner did you use? I’m looking to start adding some more colors into my collection to help change up the looks a bit here on the site. 🙂

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