Spotlight On: MAC Deep Damson

deepdamsonFinish: Matte / Deep burgundy

Deep Damson was actually one of the very first eyeshadows I purchased when I first got into MAC and like so many others before it, I quickly swapped it away because I despised it. Mainly due to my lack of experience with eyeshadows and using the wrong brushes at the time, I realize now what a mistake that was. While it is more of a difficult shade to work with in terms of blending, I do like it for its deep burgundy tones. If you’re looking for more combination ideas with Deep Damson, feel free to check the Beauty Marked Spotlight here, as a lot of those combos would be beautiful with Deep Damson substituted for Beauty Marked. Using the right brushes with this shade is key, ideally a fluffy brush when applying to the crease (and a light hand!) so it’s easier to blend away later. All in all, if you’re willing to give this eyeshadow the time and effort, it is a beautiful shade to try. Oh! And it pairs beautifully with Naked3, as seen in looks #1 and 3!

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