Focus On: MAC Vegas Volt

Finish: Amplified Creme / Full power coral

Rating: lippie2lippie2lippie2lippie2lippie2 (5 out of 5)

Vegas Volt is strong, powerful color that leans orange and is considered more coral. I like the Amplified Creme finishes and I found this color to last a long time throughout the day. I mostly really enjoy wearing Vegas Volt when I have more neutral combinations on my eyes. It’s generally best to let either your eyes or your lips do the talking, but rarely both. I find this color to be subdued enough for daytime against my skin and not as shocking as a red color might be. Sure, I still get comments from my co-workers on the color, but I feel it’s a more tolerable day color, if that makes sense.

What are the Best Eyeshadows to Pair with Vegas Volt?


Click here for the combo shown above.

Neutral shades, either warm or cool work well with this color, providing it compliments your unique complexion. Light, barely there pink shades pair nicely with Vegas Volt, too. Click on the name to be redirected to the post of combinations:

14 thoughts on “Focus On: MAC Vegas Volt

  1. Thanks so much Z-I have this one and was always questioning which eyeshadow shades would compliment this lip stick. I have several of your ES selections above-so now I can wear my volt proudly LOL.

  2. I really like these ‘Focus On’ lipstick posts. I’ve always eyed up Vegas Volt in the MAC so it’s really nice to see what it looks like on. I actually tried it on yesterday in the store and loved it, so I think I will go and buy it very soon ;o) .

    1. My Eyeshadow Consultant


      Oh, awesome Saira!
      I am definitely looking forward to doing more of these; kinda dropped the ball on the lipstick reviews there for a while! 😉

  3. Oh, wow. I’ve been eyeing VV for a while now as well. Just shied away from it since it’s such a seemingly bold color (and I’m slowly getting into them :D). Ravishing was as “daring” as I’ve gone as far as corals go. Definitely more bold with pinks (loving Girl About Town esp. when mixed with Angel/ Viva Glam Nicki 2)!

    Definitely will pick one up on my next trip to MAC!!

    Do you have any tips on making lipstick last throughout the day?

    1. Hi Leah!
      You could try a lip primer; I believe Too Faced makes one. I’ve never personally tried one myself but I hear they’re really great for making your lipstick last longer throughout the day. Very similar to how eyeshadow primers keep our eyeshadows intact 😉

  4. Z,

    I love this hippie but I also saw your Ginger from Gilligans Island tutorial and was trying to recreate- could you mix vegas volt w/ creme d nude and get a similar, 60’s look or would you stick with costa chic? It seems like you like this color a lot more than costa chic, but costa chic does have that frosty retro thing going on, haha.

    Thanks 🙂

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