Spotlight On: MAC Era

eraFinish: Satin / Soft golden beige with shimmer

I don’t know what took me so long to get Era – oh wait, yes I do. It’s another neutral shade! But I LOVE it!! It is probably the most perfect color for wearing during the day, especially all over the lid. It creates a very subtle smokey eye if you’re of a light complexion. If you’re of a darker complexion, this one will more than likely not show well by itself and would be better used as a blending shade. The only negative thing I have to say about this is the finish. It’s not terrible for a Satin but it does has a subtle amount of shine; I just really wish this was a matte formula. That would make it PERFECT. Other than that, I am very impressed by Era. How do you feel about this shade?

Look #1

MAC eyeshadows used:

  • Era (inner and outer third of lid, carried above crease)
  • Mylar (middle of lid, carried above crease)
  • Brule (blend)

17 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Era

  1. Very pretty Zabrena!
    I’ve been waiting for this Spotlight for your opinion on Era. I like look 4, because it’s different and the color. You and I like colorful eyeshadows! 🙂 I also just got Mylar so that’s good. I like look 1 too because its pretty and simple, so if your in a rush ,or just don’t feel like wearing a lot of eyeshadow it’s a nice look. What other shades would you recommend wearing with Era? Not just browns but some colors. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Great! Another neutral eye shadow I think I NEED!!! I see you have a Rouge Bunny Rouge review coming up. I am so envious as there’s nowhere here to order them or purchase them! But I can’t wait to see your review. I’m hoping (in vain, I know) that they won’t be anything all that special! (vbg)

    1. Hi Mariella,
      Your right! We always think we need more neutral or any eyeshadow for that matter. LOL! I was looking at Rouge Bunny Rouge’s website and the individual eyeshadows are expensive. For me, I didn’t see any eyeshadows that I had to have. I’m curious for Zabrena’s review though. If she gives them a great review then I’ll probably want one!

      1. Karah, I’ve seen a few reviews and tutorials for some of the RBR shadows (there’s one that seems to be an “icon” – and I think it’s got “hummingbird” in the name. It’s so hard to know just how much I truly NEED this shadow but when I see these things, I just get such a desire to own them. Before the days of beauty blogs and videos, I bought so much less makeup (and I wasn’t any less happy) but seeing all this stuff – well, I get like a kid in a candy shop!

        1. LOL! I hear ya, Mariella! I feel the same ever since discovering the online beauty community – bad for my wallet! Ha! 🙂
          I think you’re right in Hummingbird being one of their iconic eyeshadows – it is one of the ones I’ll be reviewing.
          I haven’t tried them just yet but I’m planning to either Thursday or Friday!

        2. I know what you two mean. God help us! Delicate Hummingbird is a beautiful shade, but I’m going to wait for Zabrena’s review. I’m sure it will be interesting. 🙂

          1. I know what will happen – I’ll be dying to own it (unless I already have really good dupes, which is entirely possible since I keep being attracted to and buying the same shades over and over again!)

  3. Ooh another eyeshadow I want! You are making me go broke Z!! 😉 I have already added A LOT of new shades since joining your site in November. God help me! But thank you for all the fantastic combos! They really helped me have fun with eyeshadows and try colors I may have overlooked! 🙂

      1. Hey Z! Would you consider doing a spotlight on Grain? When I looked up Era on Makeup Alley for reviews someone had paired it with Grain on the lid with Era in the crease. Just wondering what else grain could be paired with? Thanks!

  4. Currently going through all of the MAC shadows you have in the ‘directory’ and writing down all the ones I like! It’s so helpful to not only see swatches, but how it works with different colours. Some on their own I’d never buy, but when you put them with a couple of others it’s a match made in heaven!
    Can’t wait to finish going through this list so I can place an order and fill my first MAC palette!
    Thank you, lovely lady!

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