Urban Decay Theodora Palette Looks

theodora2The Theodora palette is a neutral palette of eyeshadows with two duo shadows that provide a multitude of looks. I have only just begun on this post! Based on the looks I’ve created with this palette thus far, I am not too impressed by the highlighter/blender ‘Broken’ in this palette. It doesn’t blend out the neutral shades, or any other colors for that matter, worth a flip. I had to rely mainly on MAC’s Blanc Type and Bisque as additional blenders with these shades. It was also a little too shimmer-packed for my liking. Out of all the eyeshadows in this palette, my most favorite is West as it’s a dark brown-purple and probably the most unique out of all the colors. That would more than likely explain why #2 is my most favorite out of all these looks, so far.

(Top Row, L to R) Broken, Beware, Bewitch, West (Bottom Row, L to R) Spell & Jealous
(L to R) Broken, Beware, Bewitch, West
(L to R) Spell and Jealous

Look #1

UD eyeshadows used:

  • Broken (inner half of lid)
  • West (outer half of lid)
  • Beware (crease)
  • MAC Brule (blend)

22 thoughts on “Urban Decay Theodora Palette Looks

  1. Hi Z!
    Sorry you had another not so great palette.:( UD eyeshadows are always glittery or too shimmery. I had a feeling West would be your favorite! I was looking up the palette this weekend and I thought you would like that shade. I had hoped the green duo Jealous would be better. Look 6 is very pretty but dupable. In that look, it almost looks like the same shade is over your lower lid instead of two. Most of these eyeshadows look dupable. I bet your tired of doing these palettes that are not original and that are easily dupable. Do you have Two Faced Bon Bon Palette? I think that’s the correct name. LOL! I’ll check to make sure. I have it and I haven’t really used it much. I wondered if you had it and if you liked it or not.
    I finally watched your YouTube 100th video. Congratulations! Just look at what you’ve accomplished in such a short time with your videos and your website! All your hard work has and is still continuing to pay off! You should be so proud of yourself, my friend. I know I’m. 🙂 loved seeing your Dad in the video. I bet there is never a dull moment when he’s around! 🙂 He seems like a sweetie. It was sweet when your hubby brushed back your hair for you. I love it when your beautiful cats are in your videos too. You can tell their your babies. It it’s so cute when your doing a video and one of them jumps on your lap, or you pick one up. Also,when your using your hands to describe something and they will look at your hand, and probably think why isn’t she petting me ? Then if they don’t get your attention that way, they rub against your hand. So precious 🙂 love cats! Thanks Zabrena for everything you do!

    1. Heya beautiful lady! 🙂
      Aghh, just LOVE West! It’s probably the only one that makes getting that palette worth it. LOL!
      YES! Look #6 was VERY hard to photograph because the colors mold into one another too well. It’s even hard to see the different colors in person on that one.

      Aww! Thanks for the congrats and all your sweet words!
      Dad is definitely a hoot and a half! We always have such a good time when we get together.
      LOL! The cats are something else, I tell ya. I was happy to see Inky appear in more videos lately, it’s always Thomasina stealing the show! Ha!
      I take after my Italian hubby with the hand talking – ha! But you’re right, I noticed that when I was editing the first time Thomasina appeared in a video with me – she was like, “Over here, here, here, c’mere!” Ha!

      I’m so happy I’m able to do this for everyone! Never a moment that goes by where I don’t thank God for this opportunity 😀

  2. When I saw these 2 palettes reviewed at Temptalia’s site, I actually preferred this one over the Glinda one but I have passed on purchasing it (just too bulky and also too much money to spend on something I’ll rarely use; I wish UD streamlined their palettes somewhat – even their “build your own” ones). But I totally love the looks you’ve done and I think Broken and West would find a very warm welcome at my house, if they were available on their own.

    1. Okay – let’s edit that. My comment was based on the beautiful looks you’ve managed to achieve with Broken; I hadn’t even read your comments at that point but if you say it’s crummy, I will believe you that it’s crummy. West, though – lovely – and it’s Look #2 that had me craving both shades. I’m eager to see your suggested dupes because I will NOT buy this palette!

    2. I feel the same as you, Mariella. If I didn’t have this site, there’s no way I’d get half the products I do (well maybe I would LOL).
      But seriously, there are SO many dupes as you can imagine in this one.
      If West ever became a single, I would DEFINITELY get it!!

      1. Z, what’s odd is that West seems to photograph very grey/taupe in your photos, which is why I love how it looks but having checked swatches and such, it seems to be much more brown than it appears in your looks (at Temptalia, it was suggested that Sable could be a near dupe and if that’s the case, I have Sable already but also, I was hoping it was more grey, as it appears in your pics).

  3. That’s the right name. Also, do you have the Two Faced Smokey Eyeshadow Palette? Not the one with the green shade ,but this one has two purple/ blue shades on the last row.

    1. Sorry the last post went through twice. Your welcome to erase one if you can. I would if I could. I was having some troubles with the site this morning.

    2. Did you mean the Urban Decay Smoked palette? I think that’s the one you meant.
      Don’t have it but it appears I may have to get it – it’s been a HIGHLY requested one! 😀

      1. Sorry, no I meant The Two Faced Smokey Palette. They have two palettes under that name. The one I’m looking at has a bottom row of shades called: In a Flash, Smoking Jacket, and Smolder. Also, Two Faced has a palette called Two Faced Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette. I have the Bon Bons Palette ,but I haven’t used it except maybe once. I have a B’day coupon from Two Faced ,and I thought about getting another palette. One that I probably will not use! LOL! 🙂

        1. The first Smoky Eye palette (that’s how they spelled it) from Too Faced has been discontinued. The second one (“Smokey Eye” – why they didn’t call it Smokey Eye 2 or something like that, to make it less confusing, is beyond my understanding) is so amazing. I have it too, Karah, and I just LOVE it – especially the shade “Cloves” but, really, I love all the shades in it.

          1. Mariella,
            Thanks for your opinion about the TF Smokey Eye Palette. It’s confusing about the Smoky and Smokey nonsense. Your right, they should have said Smokey Eye 2.

        2. Oh! Okay! I believe I know which one you’re talking about now. (Come up with some original names here, makeup companies – sheesh! Ha!) I’ll add those both to my list to look at – I am bulking up my ‘Other Brands’ section for the future so I should definitely add them in there!

      2. Zabrena, I agree – I think you NEED the Smokey Eye palette from TooFaced. It has so many shades in it that you just love (and probably have dupes for, so maybe it’s not the best idea but still, it is really good and given your perfectionism in checking things out for the site, well, far be it from me to “enable” you but…..

        1. LOL! Well, I suppose it’s my turn too – haha!! 😀 I do need more palettes for the ‘Other Brands’ section I’m building so it is a good idea. And if you love it, it’s gotta be good!

      3. Zabrena,
        I was looking at UD’s Smoked palette, and it has quite a few shadows you already have. Like Rockstar, Loaded, Mushroom, Blackout, etc.

        1. Tell me about it! LOL! I looked at it last I was in the store and I think there was 1 eyeshadow in the entire thing I didn’t already have. I’m still debating whether or not to get it just for the site.

  4. Revathi Srinivasan


    Look#2 was my favorite. I tried out and it looked amazing. It’s smoky yet wearable. I love it 🙂

  5. I love look #2 and it’s become a look that I go to if my eyes are red from allergies. I actually experimented and put Maybelline’s Tough As Taupe creme shadow underneath and it turned out beautifully…I got several compliments.

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