Spotlight On: MAC Shroom

shroomFinish: Satin / Soft beige with shimmer

Shroom was one of the first eyeshadows I ever purchased, a little over two years ago. The first time I used it I was instantly repulsed by it; I found it to be a ‘dirty’ color and far too shimmery as a blender. So, naturally, I cast it aside for a quite a while before picking it up later. It hasn’t been until very recently that I’ve started to warm up to it more, probably because I’m finding ways to wear it other than on the brow bone. Don’t get me wrong, when used lightly on the brow bone, it can really add a lot to a look, but used on the lid it makes for a great way to draw attention to your eyes. How do you like Shroom and what’s your favorite look with it?

Look #1

MAC eyeshadows used:

  • Vanilla (inner half of lid)
  • Coquette (outer half of lid)
  • Quarry (crease)
  • Vanilla (blend)
  • Shroom (highlight brow bone)

19 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Shroom

  1. I have had Shroom for years, only used as brow bone shade, very lightly with neutral eyeshadow. I have since changed it to blanc type or vanilla. Only use once in a while now to blend. Not one of my fav’s.

  2. This was my second eyeshadow by Mac. I love it! I use it like the look #4 but with Trax and Satin Taupe!

  3. Very nice as always Z! Looks 6&8 are beautiful. Do you think you will ever do a spotlight on Ricepaper? I never know what to do with it. Lol! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Karah! Most definitely!
      It looks like it’ll be more towards July now (LOL!) but definitely!
      I really like it as an all over lid color with a variety of colors in the crease – Malt, Kid, Samoa Silk, Cork.
      You could also place it on the inner half of the lid with Sumptuous Olive on the outer half of lid (you were looking for more S.O. looks, right?) and something like Wedge in the crease! Or for a light, neutral combo apply it to the center of the lid with All That Glitters on the inner and outer third with a light brown in the crease. 😉

  4. I almost always start with mylar or vanilla on my lid, but will add shroom to the middle of the lid to give it a little punch. older eyelids. Never on the brow- I feel like I am glowing with anything but a matte shade there.

    1. I feel ya on the brow bone, Stacy! I can’t do too much of it there, and it’s for an evening look generally if I do.
      I like the idea of layering it over Vanilla or Mylar!

  5. Shroom is one of the MAC shadows I’ve found really disappointing. I guess because it’s so popular, I had really high hopes. On me, it either doesn’t show up at all or, if I apply it more heavily, it looks garish. Stila Starlight, which looks so different in the pan, is actually what I’d hoped Shroom would be. Just goes to show how different we all are.

      1. I know you like Naked pigment, as I do also. When I first got it and used it, my reaction was “THIS is how I wanted Shroom to look.” In spite of the fact that pigments can be messy or just time consuming (if you want to avoid the mess), I still prefer it so much over Shroom.

  6. I saw my friendly MAC rep today and she introduced me to Shroom. She put some on the inner third of my lid like in look #7, and it really DOES brighten up the eyes! Just another great addition to my ever growing collection of MAC shadows!

    1. Oh, awesome Peggy! So glad you like Shroom!
      It’s really amazing when used in the right place on the lids, especially the inner third/half! 😉

  7. I love Shroom. I like to wear it on the inner portion of my lid, with Shale on the outer portion of the lid and in the crease, then Shadowy Lady in the outer V and blended up into the crease with Shale. My only issue with Shroom is it doesn’t have good staying power on me.

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