Focus On: MAC Angel

Finish: Frost / Soft pink

Rating: lippie2lippie2lippie2lippie2 (4 out of 5)

Angel is the most perfect color for those of us with real fair skin. It compliments the skin very well and adds the ‘barely there’ look perfectly. Perhaps too perfectly. While I love the color of Angel immensely, I was a bit disappointed with how it applied to the lips. I found it to be streaky and sheer in some places and found myself having to constantly go back over it with the lip brush. I like that it’s one step above my natural lip color, but if you have real pigmented lips, you may find that Angel looks differently on you than what you’re seeing here (that isn’t always a bad thing!). I can get over the streakiness factor simply because this is a perfect everyday color.

What are the Best Eyeshadows to Pair with Angel?

Combo shown: All That Glitters on inner half, Handwritten on outer half, Sable in crease

Up-close images of the eyeshadow combo shown: see look #10 in Sable post here.

Just like Fabby, Angel pairs well with any and every color imagineable; there isn’t one you couldn’t pair it with basically. Neutrals go without saying, but if you have struggled with finding a lip color for your green, blue, purple, pink, yellow or orange eyeshadows, definitely give this one a try. It’s VERY versatile and will keep your lips neutral so your eyes can do all the talking. Let’s face it; we all want THAT! 😉

Not a comprehensive list, but this will help give you some ideas:

6 thoughts on “Focus On: MAC Angel

  1. I went in to look at Fabby, my store was out. It reminds me of an old Lauder lippy from way back in the day. This one, meh not so much.

  2. Angel is probably in my top 3 lipsticks, absolutely love it! I may have to go check out Fabby now. Love the look posted, your curls/waves look awesome!

    1. Hmm! Tough call. I feel like they’re both cool, but Angel is a slightly deeper pink than Creme Cup, not by much, but that’s the only difference I can see in comparing them. 🙂

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